Jun 27, 2011

The Quilt in Progress

I wrote this post a few weeks ago about a quilt class that I was enrolled in.  Things have been going well and I have learnt so much already.   I am grateful that I decided to take a quilt class rather then try and teach myself how to quilt because there are so many tips and tricks that I have learnt and they definitely make the quilting process easier.  

I will need to keep working on my skills though, there is a lot of cutting and if it's not perfect it will affect the finished product!  Once I finished all the cutting I needed to start sewing some of the pieces together.  All the little details really need to be spot on cause even if the measurement or the sewing is a thread off it will affect the finished project....I guess I have a lot of work and practice ahead of me if I plan to keep making quilts.  

Once I got all my pieces cut and sewn together it was time to lay out my quilt.  I was able to use this felt board at the quilt shop to plan my pieces out to ensure that it was balanced and there weren't two of the same pattern touching each other.  

Once I was happy with how everything looked on the felt board it was time to start sewing.  AH!!!! I was a bit nervous that it wouldn't look good or the pieces wouldn't fit nicely together but I went ahead and started to sew all the pieces together anyway.  I figured I had gotten this far what the heck, I had nothing to lose!

I still have lots of work left to do on this quilt before it is done but thankfully there are two more classes left to teach me the final steps.  I have been working away at finishing the quilt top and adding the borders because during this weeks classes we will learn how to "make the sandwich" you know... how to add the back layer and the stuffing.  Hopefully we will start to machine quilt all the layers together too this week.  The last step will be to add the binding and hopefully I will be happy with the finished product...I am sure I will be, I just don't expect it to be perfect but that's what makes it special right?!?!?!  

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