Jul 1, 2011

The SHINE Project

Have you ever heard of The Shine Project?  I'd love to share what The Shine Project is all about.  The Shine Project was started by Ashley.  Ashley had a dream of being a publishing author, an inner city high school teacher, a hand-made business owner, a motivational speaker, the leader of a non-profit organizations and one day she had an epiphany.... she didn't have to choose just one thing.  Ashley is a believer that we're all here to SHINE!  The Shine Project is Ashley's way to achieving her goals and dreams and spreading a positive message to ALL of us young and old!

What an awesome cause, don't you think?  Well the Shine Project is reaching out to us today to help some of these dreams and goals come true.

The Shine Project is starting a CHANGE FOR CHANGE to help raise money for The Shine Project Scholarship Fund which will give scholarships to inner city school students to help change their lives.  People all over the USA will have change jars to put their leftover money in for three months, and then cash it in to the scholarship fund.

The Shine Project has touched my heart and got me thinking how I could contribute.  If you want to learn more about The Shine Project check out the blog here.  Or if you want to contact Ashley to get more information about how you can get involved in making a difference is the lives of others please send her an email at Ashley.TheShineProject@gmail.com


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