Aug 22, 2011


On Friday my loving hubby and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary.  You can read more about our wedding day here.  Today I wanted to share how we celebrated our 5th anniversary.

I had been planning our anniversary for some time.  We celebrate every year but I wanted to do something special this year.  I told my hubby that I was planning a mini-vacation for our anniversary but I didn't want to give him any details, I wanted it to be a surprise.  

 He was ok with that until we started to pack, that's when he started to get anxious and act like a two year old "Where are we going?", "What are we going to be doing?",  "Am I going to like it?",  "Why do I need to bring that?", "Where are we going tell me, tell me, tell me!", "How long is it going to take us to get there, are we there yet?"  This picture was taken seconds after we left the house.  Thank goodness we were just going a few minutes down the road.  Normally I would cave in and tell him but I stood strong and said that he would find out when we got there.

 I planned an overnight getaway at a beautiful resort literally 5 minutes from our house.  I took my hubby to Langdon Hall.  We are lucky to have this beautiful resort so close to home, but it feels like another world, so calm and relaxing.

It's it beautiful?  It reminds me of a plantation house, it almost feels like the house was plucked from the deep southern US and relocated to Cambridge, ON. Canada.  

Ryan was so surprised when we arrived, he was excited about the food and the other activities I had planned for the following day.

We were promptly greeted as we pulled up to check in, the man was so kind he parked our car and brought our bags to our room all before we got there.  I kinda felt important, you know rich and famous important.  It was kinda great! Definitely not the way hubby and I normally live.

When we arrived in our room we were in awe it was so beautiful and so big.  We had our own wood burning fireplace, a beautiful walk-out terrace, an amazing tub and a comfy bed.  It was perfect.

After we settled in the room we had some time to kill before we needed to be in the dinning room for our dinner reservation so we walked around the grounds and just enjoyed the property.  

It was so peaceful and beautiful.  It was nice to slow down and admire the beauty around us.  

I had made dinner reservation at the restaurant.  Ryan and I were so impressed with the meal.  We love trying new restaurants but we were both especially excited to try the food at Langdon Hall.  We had heard so many good things about it since moving to the area 5 years ago but it wouldn't be a place we would normally go on any regular date night.

Seeing that it was a special occasion we got all dressed up for dinner.  It's not often I get to see my hubby in his suit (I think he's kinda hot).  But did you notice what he's doing?  Ryan's on his tippie toes in this picture, he hates when I wear heels that make me taller than him and he didn't know the lady was taking a full length picture LOL!!!

The staff were all wonderful, they saw us together with a camera and all offered to take pictures of us.  We don't have a lot of photos together so we took them up on that offer.

The next morning we woke up and went back to the dinning room for a wonderful breakfast. 

After breakfast we headed over to the spa.  We both really love going to the spa to get treatments but it's not very often we actually treat ourselves.

I know how much Ryan loves his massages so I booked him for a 1 hour deep tissue massage.  While he was getting his massage I had a Vichy Aroma Rain Scrub, which I loved, it was perfect and exactly what I needed!

After our spa treatments we went back home and just spent the rest of the day relaxing.

It was such a wonderful getaway, I had so much fun but I have to say the best part of it was, I got spending time with my amazing hubby.  

I love you Ryan!

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