Sep 15, 2011

Portrait Session {Preview}

This week at the cottage has been so relaxing!  It's starting to get a little chilly with lows just on the boarder of going below zero.  Thank goodness for heating and wood burning fire place.  

On Sunday we had the privilege of working with Samantha from Samantha Erin Photography.  My dear friends had a fundraiser in April (I'll tell you more about the reason for the fundraiser and my dear friends another day).  There were so many wonderful items up for auction, but there was one item that stood out to me, Samantha donated an hour of her time for a portrait session.  When I saw this I knew I needed to win so I started bidding. 

Ryan and I aren't "picture people",  I very rarely take pictures of us and when I do one of us always seems to find something we don't like about it so it sits on the computer.  The last time we had pictures taken that we like were our engagement photos which were taken 7 years ago and our wedding pictures which took place 5 years ago and even those we don't have any up around the house just the wedding album which is tucked away for safe keeping.  

We have very few picture of us in our house.  I thought it was time to update some of those "old" pictures so I bid, and bid, and bid on the portrait session until the very last minute and I WON! 

These are just a few of the preview picture Samantha posted on her blog.  I can't wait to see all the other photos she took.  I will share more soon.  


  1. Aww, the pictures are adorable! Love them! You should definitely hang some of those ones up, they are keepers.

  2. Beautiful pictures!! I Would love some copies for our house too.

  3. great photos! i love them! cute doggie!!

    Jenna Duty

  4. Wow she did a great job!! And is that dog real?? He looks like a stuffed animal!


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