Sep 9, 2011

Random-ness About Me!!!

Today I'm sharing some random facts about me.

*I always eat the food I like least on my plate first and save the food l like best until the end.  Why? because I want to finish the meal off with the best flavor in my mouth. 

*When I see pictures of myself when I had short hair I don't recognize myself.  I grew it out and I feel like me again :-)  

*I  dance and sing to the radio when I drive

*Ryan and I often finish each others sentences

*I write with my right hand but I play sports best with my left. Hubby is the opposite he writes with his left hand and does everything else with his right hand.

*I always have to sleep on the left side of the bed.  

*When I sleep at Hotels/Motels I can't sleep in the bed near the door, I have to be near the window.

*I have a learning disability and don't enjoy reading because I can't retain the information/details I'm too focused on the individual words.  

*I love Jamoca Almond Fudge ice cream cake... Yummy 

*My eyes change colors depending on my mood. 

*Shirley Temple is my favorite drink, but I hate when I order it at restaurants and the bill comes it's called a kiddy cocktail. 

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