Sep 7, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Thanks for stopping by, I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy for another week of What I Wore Wednesday.

A few weeks ago I took my husband away on a getaway for our 5 year wedding anniversary. You can read about it here and here :-).  During our getaway we were lucky enough to eat at a very upscale restaurant (it was included in the package).  I didn't really know how to dress so I decided to go all out and get all glammed up!  I don't really have too many fancy dresses but I dug through my closet and found the perfect dress.  

 Dress - Laura Outlet Store
Clutch - Bently 
Shoes - Guess Accessories (my little secret... toeless nylons, love them!) 
Feather Hair Clip - Icing by Claire's (sorry I know you can't really see it in the pictures) 
Black Onyx bracelet and the silver bracelet - Tiffany & Co. 
Earrings - Silpada   

I straightened my hair... it takes so long compared to when I wear it curly (which is my natural hair texture).  For some reason I feel special when it's straight, it's something different, and it makes me feel pretty, which is always good.  I even popped my contacts in for the night. I don't wear my contacts all that often only because the cause more frustration and irritation then anything else.      

Hubby's outfit
Suit, Shirt, Tie, Belt, Shoes - Moores Clothing for Men 
He's a one stop shop kinda guy :-) 

Look at hubby, notice anything weird?  He's on his tippie toes LOL!!!  Those heals give me some serious hight!  Hubby has a 'thing' with me towering over him in heals so onto his tippie toes he goes.... what he didn't realize was that the lady taking the picture was taking a full body shot.  
Hee Hee!!!

pleated poppy


  1. you look too cute together, he is on his tippy toes haha - and you look gorgeous in the purple dress!

    xo nav

  2. so glad you glammed it up...we all need to once in a while! you look amazing in that purple dress. too funny that the hubbs is tip-toeing!

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