Oct 10, 2011

So Much to be Thankful For!

This weekend is Thanksgiving weekend here is Canada.  Unfortunately, hubby and I weren't able to get together with our family.  Although Ryan has weekends off now, he still had to go to work today.  So with our family in Ottawa (6 hours away) and Huntsville (3 hours away) we weren't able to get away.  

We had our turkey dinner last night, it was perfect.  We had planned to cook a chicken but when we went to the grocery store we saw that they had turkey breast and there was only one little one left, perfect when you only have a few mouths to feed.  We really enjoyed the turkey and all the trimmings and obviously we had pie, it was a mini apple pie.

We are so blessed and today I wanted to spend some time giving thanks for all those blessings.  

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I am thankful for our beautiful home and all the material possession we have have inside, our HEALTH, and the fiances we have been blessed with.  I am grateful for OUR FAMILY, our puppy, our friends, and an amazing husband who treats me like a queen!  I am blessed with a wonderful church, an awesome Saviour who died for our sins, and the ability to worship our God publicly without having to worry about persecution.  I am also thankful for our JOBS and their stability in this economy.  

There are so many things to be grateful for, these are just a few.  I know I don't always have a thankful heart, sometimes I find myself saying things like "I wish I had...", "I wish I was like.... because then I'd have ... they are so blessed".  I often forget I have so much to be grateful for and there are other who have far less.  My hope is not only to think about life's blessings on holidays like Thanksgiving but remember them everyday, because every breath I breathe and every day I live is a blessing! 

I hope my all Canadian friends have had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!!!

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