Dec 8, 2011

Christmas is in the Air

So earlier this week I shared about decorating our home for Christmas.  I wasn't really feeling the Christmas spirit because we have no snow....I know I can't believe I'm in Canada and we have no snow!  Anyway since we decorated our house with our Christmas decoration I am really starting to get excited for the holidays.  I really love Christmas and how the house looks with all the fun decorations.  I love getting together with family and friends and I am so grateful for the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of Jesus.  

Did you want to see how we decorate for Christmas around our house?  Come on in!
We don't put up lights outside at our house, you may ask why... well let me explain, hubby doesn't like heights and we don't own a ladder long enough to reach our roof line and I don't want to buy one just for stringing Christmas lights.  I also really hate that we have to keep the lights up until May because it's too cold to take them down and I am NOT into leaving the lights up all year. 

So to decorate our front step we got a planter and wreath from our local nursery.  I love our nursery, they allow the customer to pick what they put in the planter and they create it within a budge set out for them which is always good.  
We kept some of the elements from our planter last year like the birch branches and the pin-cones which we were able to use them again this year so that helped keep the cost a little lower.  The planter just sits inside the black container which again is something we use all year around. 

When I started to pick the element for our pieces I knew I wanted red and I really liked the red cups. Then, I went over to the berries and I was going to go with a red berry but when I saw these orange ones I couldn't resist, I picked some leaves (those copper colored ones) and mixed different greens like cedar, pine and spruce I think.  The design staff put it together and we love how it turned out.  

Once you come in you'd walk into our living room.  We don't have a fireplace so we hang our stocking off this little table.  There are two knobs that hold my stocking which is the red one and hubby's stocking the white one and of course we have a stocking for puppy, Hiccups' stocking is hanging between the panes of the table (this table folds open).

On the table we have last years picture of Hiccups with Santa and our nativity scene.  I love the Willow Tree collection,  Love it! Ryan did a great job putting the scene together.
Then you'll see our Christmas tree lighting up the corner... my pictures of my tree didn't turn out all that well :-( but I had to post this cute picture of our puppy she loves the tree, can you tell?  She brought her blanket over so she can snuggle under the tree...hee hee it's too cute if I do say so myself :-) 
Then we'd invite you to join us in the kitchen.  I love our table setting this year, I just feel like it's so cheerful but simple.  I bought this simple runner from Target, the color just caught my attention but I didn't have a centre piece so I went to the store and picked up a different shaped bowl and some fun ornaments.  When I was putting things together I thought it needed a little something more so I pulled out a couple of candle holders and dug out some while candle sticks. 
On the wall behind the table we have a couple of floating shelves, obviously we had to add some Christmas decor on the shelves.  These shelves are new this year, we just painted in the summer and I knew I wanted something on the wall but wanted it to be something different so I came up with this idea of framing a couple of floating shelves, I am really happy with how it turned out. I love how it looks with our Christmas decorations but now we have to make it pretty after the decorations go away.  

These carolers were given to us as a wedding gift, even thought our wedding was in August this was probably one of my favorite gifts, it was so unique.   
 I am obsessed with snowmen and this one is so glittery... two of my favorite things snowman and glitter so fun!!!  We just bought this school house decoration this year when we went to the cottage in Huntsville this fall.  There's a Christmas Store in Huntsville (it's open 364 days of the year) and every time we go to the cottage I have to stop in and I normally get something new.  This year I knew we had these shelves to fill and I wanted something tall when I saw this cute school house I just couldn't walk away without it.   
Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed the holiday tour of our home.  I'd love to hear about the decorations you have at your home and what your favorite Christmas tradition is. 

 I'm gonna cozy up on the couch with a nice cup of hot cocoa and snuggle my hubby and fur baby.


  1. All your decor looks SO beautiful!!!

  2. I have the exact same pillar candles, but only two of them. I used them in a photoshoot yesterday! Your place looks great - very festive! :)


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