Dec 2, 2011

I am Blank Because...

I saw this blog post idea over at Little Miss Momma and Casey Wiegand I thought it was a great idea and wanted to join in.  
I am weird because.......
When I eat I always start with my least favorite food first.... save the best for last
I have to chew my beverages before I can swallow them
I love pedicures but I hate people touching my feet
I hate to cook but I love to bake

I am a bad friend because.......
I am not always willing to have friends over to my house
I don't visit them often enough
I am bad at sending emails or picking up the phone to catch up

I am a good friend because.......
I care about my friends
I would do anything for my closet friends
I'm honest and tell them what's on my heart or mind
I treat my close friends like they are my siblings

I am sad because........
My grandfather isn't well and is asking for God to take him
My dad is struggling with the decisions around caring for my grandfather
We won't be able to spend Christmas and New Years as we planned because Hubby has to work

I am excited because........ 
Hubby has the weekend off
We are decorating the house and putting up the Christmas tree this weekend
For a dear friend of mine who is very close to having a dream she has been chasing for years come true
My parents will me coming to celebrate the holiday season with us
Hubby and I are volunteering at Operation Christmas Child on Thursday
Next weekend our puppy Hiccups has pictures with Santa for charity.
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  1. This is a great post idea.
    I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather :(
    I love Operation Christmas Child. Me and my mom each did a shoe box this year.


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