Dec 5, 2011

A Weekend Full of Holiday Cheer

This past weekend Ryan and I were very busy getting ready for the holidays.  We spent some time at the malls getting all our shopping done.  Yup that's right we are DONE!  Thank goodness cause the malls were crazy busy, I can't imagine what it will be like for the next couple of weeks leading up to Christmas.  Thankfully we have no reason to go back to the mall until the new year.

After we finished at the mall we came home and started to decorate.  We both love Christmas and we love how cozy the house feels once all the decorations are up when it's time to take everything down it feels so empty so we enjoy it while it lasts.
 It's normally my job to put the nativity set together but this year Ryan wanted to put it together.  We love our Willow Tree nativity set, we were so lucky to get most of the pieces from family and friends as gifts the first Christmas we were married.

Ah all those boxes make me crazy, I hate a messy house it drive me nuts.  Messy chaos... me no likey!!!    

We've had an artificial tree since we've been married, the first year we were married we got the only one we could afford.  We liked it but it was a lot of work every branch needed to be added by hand (there were like 50 pieces) then we had to string the lights we couldn't put the tree up in one day because by the time we had the tree together with the lights on we had no energy to decorate the tree.  Last year we had enough, we sold our tree and got a new one.  I really love our new tree there is only three pieces to put together and there's no need to string the lights because it's pre-lite so a couple of plugs and we are in business!
 I would love a real tree but the reason we have an artificial tree is because I can't handle the mess of a real tree I love the way they smell and their unique non-symmetrical shape factor but I just can't handle the mess.  I remember as a kid going out with my mom and dad to tree farms cutting down our 'perfect' tree it was so much fun.  

One of my favorite parts of putting the tree up is spreading the branches, I know I'm weird!  I try and make it so there are no huge gaps but I also want it to look as 'real' as possible.  Ryan and I did the bottom branches together but I did the top of the tree myself cause we are both kinda short and only have one step ladder.  Ryan knows if he does it I would just go behind him and change it :-) 

Ta Da!  The tree is up and ready to be decorated. 
 Ryan and I both work on decorating together, this way we ensure there aren't any big bare spots.  This year we had a little furry helper. 
 Our dog Hiccups was awesome while we put the tree up.  She sniffed the tree and all the new decorations just to make sure everything was safe.  Then she made herself comfy in front of the tree with her blanket.  This is Hiccups second Christmas and she seems to love the tree a lot this year.  Maybe Santa will bring her a gift or two.  Speaking of gifts, I need to start wrapping all the goodies we bought at the mall this weekend and put them under the tree until we open them on Christmas morning. 

Later this week and I'll share more pictures of our tree and other decorations we have around the house.  

How did you spend your weekend?  Are all your Christmas decorations up?


  1. We JUST started putting up our Christmas decorations a few days ago. And I know what you mean about the mess and fuss of a real tree! They are a pain, but my Dad and I always went and picked out our perfect tree, so that's one thing I know I'm never going to be able to give up.


  2. Your tree looks great! Mine is such a thin tree. It's the only part of decorating I've done so far, and I didn't even put the balls on yet - just the lights. I'll get to that this weekend hopefully.

  3. New follower. I found your blog through "Call me Blessed". I enjoyed reading some of our posts and can't wait to read more. Check out my blog if you have a min.


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