Jan 25, 2012

Coffee Date

I want to get to know you all a little better so I thought we'd go for a nice cup of coffee, I hope you'll join me.  If we met for coffee today....

I'd tell you how much I truly love meeting up with friends to chat about life over a nice cup of warm coffee.

I'd be really excited to tell you how much I am loving the church we recently started going to.  I am super excited to go to our first small group which is scheduled for tonight.  I am really looking forward to meeting new people and making new friends.

I'd talk to you about the debate that I have been having with myself lately as to whether or not I should keep my personal Facebook page.  I wonder what would happen if I invested in my face to face friendship rather than rely on technology to keep me connected with my friends.

You'd hear about the trip we are planning to go to Fredericton, New Brunswick Canada to meet up with some close friends who just moved out there in the summer.  We miss them so much and can't wait to catch up, the kids look like they have grown so much already!

I'd tell you about all the awesome things I am learning in the BBTL e-course I am taking.  I went into the course knowing that it was going to be good....but I had no idea it was going to THIS GOOD!  I have learnt so much already and we aren't even half way through the course.  The other thing I wasn't prepared for was that it's not only helping me to create a blog I truly love it's teaching me a lot about who I am as a person, a blogger, and a creator.
You'd hear lots about my fur baby, Hiccups how I love her little personality.  She is just so loving and how excited she gets when we come home from work, it's like we've been gone for years.  I'd tell you about her new favorite toy, her piggy and how sometimes she plays with it like it's her prey and other times she plays with it as if it's her baby and is grooming it.

I'd tell you how much I love that my hubby has most weekends off from work now.  After 5 years of him working weekends I am loving all the extra time we get to spend together.

I'd mention how crazy the weather has been here in southern Ontario (Canada) this year.  We have barely had any snow and it's been really mild.... but I'm not complaining!

I'd tell you that I am not much of a reader but I'm currently reading Craft Inc. and King Solomon: The Temptations of Money, Sex and Power.  They are both obviously very different but throught provoking.

You'd probably hear about my thoughts to disconnect our satellite because we have only been watching a couple hours of TV a week and we are spending so much money every month.

Well that's enough about me!  What would you tell me?


  1. Yay for spending the weekends with your hubby!! And I've been wanting to read Craft Inc for a while now - hope you're enjoying it :)

  2. some of our best friends might be leaving us soon, and I already miss them! hey, I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award, go check it out on my blog =)

  3. i would tell you that i have the same struggles with facebook. i feel like it takes away from good quality time and phone calls i would be spending with people.

    i would tell you that when i get to write "we" it makes my heart skip because i finally found love and was married in april. :-)

    i would tell you that i am a new follower too.



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