Jan 19, 2012

Finding Creative Inspiration

I share a lot about my creative projects around here.  I love sharing my finished projects with you, I normally feel so excited to complete a project because often times the idea has spent months collecting dust in my brain waiting to bust out and actually come to fruition.  Looking back on some of my creative posts I realized that I haven't shared much about the process of how I got to the point of creating the projects.
I really believe that inspiration is all around us, to me inspiration is nature, friends, words spoken, songs, pictures, the Word and so much more.  I would be fooling myself if I thought I could list all the things in life that inspire me.

I thought today would be the perfect opportunity to join Gussy Sew Inspiration Workshop and share how I am inspired to create.  This month Gussy's cue is "bedrooms".

Normally when I'm looking for inspiration I try to stay away from the internet only because I want to be inspired by a emotion, a smell... but when I am given a topic I often head over to Pinterest and start a search.  I type in different search words and scroll through the images until one jumps out at me and then I Pin away!  
With bedrooms as my focus I went to my Pinterest Board "For the House" and went through some of the rooms that I had previously pinned.  I also completed a search and pinned a couple new ones.... when I had them all together getting ready for this post I realized there was a theme {totally not intended} but they all had a similar color palette, grey, white, black and a mustard like yellow.  I really enjoy the colors, they make me feel calm and relaxed.  Even though they can be cool colors if used on their own, I find this combination of colors inviting, cozy and warm.  

I'm really inspired by the colors... other then subtly mentioning repainting our bedroom (which we just painted in June) I needed to figure out if there was a project I was working on that I could incorporate this color scheme.  I kept thinking about the 2012 New Year Blogging Party, I've been partnered up with another awesome blogger and we are exchanging gifts.  I had intended on making something for my partner but I wasn't exactly sure what.  While looking through these pictures I have been inspired by these colors and plan to incorporate them in the gift I make.  
I haven't started making the gift yet but I will come back on Jan 31 and share my bedroom inspired gift with you.  I hope you all come back and check it out!

Thanks for stopping by!

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!


  1. I'm in love with the black/grey/white/mustard color pallette! I'm prettty sure that's the theme I want our room to be when me and my bf get our own place. That first picture is perfect!



  2. I'm loving yellow & grey these days. Beautiful pictures.

  3. Great inspiration! Loving the gray and yellow these days!


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