Jan 24, 2012

Since Then....

I love my family, my mom and dad.  They have always been there for me to support me.  
They were there when I fell... to help me up and dust me off.  
They encouraged me to reach for the stars and be the best I could be. 
Even though I lived a blessed life, a life full of privilege I chose to leave 
go out and spread my wings, I wanted to be independent. 
Even though I was on my own, my parents were there supporting me from a distance.

I moved out on my own when I was 18 years old, I was so young, so naive, 
but it's because of my parents encouragement and support I was able to accomplish so much.  
So what have I accomplished since I left my parents home, well that's a good question!

I moved to a big city all on my own, away from all my family.
I got my very own apartment
I accepted my God as my savior
I met the most wonderful man Ryan 
I graduated university with a Bachelor of Social Work
I got a full time permanent job in my field
I moved to yet another city where I knew no one
I married that wonderful man  
We rented an apartment that we made our own
We bought our first house and have made it a home. 
We got a puppy who we love so much (she is so fluffy in this picture) 

Wow I had never really taken the time to slow down and looked back on all the things I've done 
since I left the safety and security of my parents home over 9 years ago. 
I do know, if it wasn't the for the support, wisdom and encouragement of my parents 
I wouldn't be where I am today.   

I encourage you to slow down, maybe even just for a moment,
and think about what you have accomplished in you life, it will surprise you. 

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