Feb 21, 2012

Embossed Chipboard - A Fun and Easy Tutorial!


Today I wanted to share with you a quick tutorial so you can jazz up all your chipboard projects.  I love chipboard and using ink to alter the color but sometimes I want more than just the sold color so I tried something different, embossing on chipboard and then adding color.  

It's actually pretty easy so lets get started.  These are supplies you'll need. 
  • chipboard shape
  • embossing powder (I used white but you can use any color really) 
  • versamark ink
  • heat tool
  • pigment ink, it provides the best coverage
  • a stamp of the image you want on your chipboard 
  • tissue
The first thing you'll want to do is ink your stamp with versamark ink.  I normally ink the whole stamp even though it's much larger then the surface I am stamping, I do this because I think it's easier to ensure I get a nice stamped image all over my chipboard.   
Once you have your image stamped on your chip board you want to act quickly and add the embossing powder.  You don't need to rush too fast but versamark does dry if it's left too long so be sure to have your embossing powder at your finger tips.  
Add a liberal amount of embossing powder, don't worry it won't go to waste just make sure you do it over a spare piece of paper so you can put the left over powder back into the container for next time.  

Once you have covered your chipboard with embossing powder shake off the extra powder and put it away so it doesn't blow all over...that can be one big mess!  Use your heat tool and watch the magic happen before your eyes.  TIP:  I always burn my fingers when I use my heat tool or my chipboard pieces fly away so I use a pen or a stylus to make sure my chipboard stays put and I don't have to burn my fingers.   
Once you have heated your powder it's time to start adding color.  I strongly recommend pigment ink it will provide better coverage than a water-based ink.  Start applying the ink to the chipboard surface and slowly you will see the transformation.  You may need to go over the surface a couple of times but it really depends what color you are using and how saturated you want the color.  Oh and don't forget to ink the edges or your chipboard it provides a more "finished" look on your project.    
 Last step, take a tissue and whip off the extra ink that may be sitting on top of your embossed surfaces. You can skip this step but sometimes depending again on the color you use the color of your embossing will be compromised and will pick up some of the ink.  To avoid this just quick whip the extra ink off your chipboard and it will brighten up your embossing again.  
There you have it, embossed chipboard!  I hope you try it sometime.  It is a fairly easy technique but you can create a number of really cool custom embellishments if you just have some fun with it. 
Here is how I used this heart on a scrapbook layout.  I added a ribbon across the heart to cover the hole in the top corner.  I'd love to see how you use this technique in your upcoming projects.

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  1. Such a cool tutorial! Love the colors you picked and the technique you used.


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