Feb 1, 2012


A person you know well and regard with affection and trust
A person with whom you are acquainted
A person whom one knows and with whom one has mutual affection

No you aren't in the wrong place this isn't English class lol!  But really, have you ever thought of the true definition of a friend?  What does it mean to be a friend?  Who are your friends?  
These day with all the different ways to connect with people through technology, how do you answer when someone asks who your friends are?
Friends have always been a bit of a touchy subject for me.  Looking back on my childhood I can't really name any friends.  I had a number of acquaintances but I guess no true friends, no one I would tell my secrets to, I never had girly sleepovers and giggled about our crushes.  It's kind of sad really, looking back now I really feel like I missed out.  I don't have any childhood friends to reminisce about the good old days when we were just wee little ones.    

I'm not sure why I didn't have friends through elementary school, junior high or high school.  Sometimes I think I left my home town for university to run away from all the friends I never had.
I guess I was hoping that I would find those friendship at a university 5 hours away.

To this day I have very few friends, people I turn to in times of need, people who know my vulnerabilities, people who support me through thick and thin but are there for me REGARDLESS! 
I can probably count the true friends in my life on one hand.
Someone once told me it's not about how many friends you have but the quality of the friendships you do have.  As difficult as it was to go through my younger years without friends, I'm so grateful now for the friends I have in my life, they are such a blessing.  I know that they are there for me morning noon or night, I know they love me even if we haven't spoken to them for a few weeks, and I know regardless of what happens in life I will have them by my side.

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