Feb 16, 2012

Go Get those Dreams!

I didn't plan to talk about dreams this week, but it has been a topic popping up all around me and I just felt the need to write about it and share some of my thoughts.

Yesterday, I was chatting with a couple of my co-workers and one of the ladies started talking about her dream to quit her day job, packing up and moving out to British Columbia, Canada and living in a little chalet on the water working a job at a home hardware store. That's her dream!!!
This co-worker of mine said she has always wanted to move out west and have a "care free" life style but has always been fearful of the unknown and the risk.  She talked about how over the weekend she was chatting with her boyfriend and he randomly mentioned packing up and moving to British Columbia.  My co-worker was shocked because she had never told him that was a dream of hers.  They talked more and about this idea of moving, her boyfriend has a more care free approach to life and is encouraging her to reach for her dreams.

Like my co-worker I have dreams, obviously my dreams are different but none-the-less they are dreams!  One thing I've realized is we all have dreams but there are a number of fears that come along with those dreams.  It is normal and healthy to have fear as long as it doesn't paralyze you from achieving your dreams.  We all need cheerleaders and motivators behind us cheering us on and encouraging us to work through those fears and continuing to strive to achieve our dreams.
My co-worker's cheerleader is her boyfriend and that's great.  My cheerleader is my hubby, I am so grateful to have him there behind me cheering me on.  I am sure you have a cheerleader too, does anyone come to mind?

I have to say that I'm really really really lucky to have such a supportive hubby.  He is always so understanding and he always is willing to figure out how he can help make my dreams come true.  We all have rough days and when I'm doubting myself and doubting my dreams hubby is right there beside me saying "you can do it hun" and from time to time he even provides really great suggestions to get through those road blocks.
The cheerleaders in our lives are so important when it comes to reaching our dreams.  We need to remember that they have huge roles in our success and we need to thank them.  For me, I often get caught up in the little successes and I fail to acknowledge how my hubby played a role in getting to that point, I'm definitely trying to get better at acknowledging his role in my success.

Thanks Hun for your ongoing support!  I love you!

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