Mar 6, 2012

Be Yourself

As I grow as a person I learn who I am as an individual, a woman, a wife and a friend.  Everyday I learn a little bit more about myself but there is something I struggle with every day as well.  It is so difficult in the world we live in now to be conformable and confident in who we are.  We know so much about others through the media, internet, blogs and our regular every day interactions. We are all unique and have different straights and weaknesses and we need to embrace those characteristics.  It's way easy to want to hide those unique features so you can be more like _____(fill in the blank)__________.

Isn't it true, don't you comparing yourself to those you admire?  At times it's difficult not to compare ourselves to that other person in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else.  Ok really let's think about it do you ever see someone's style and think I'd love to be able to rock that style but then get to the store and just don't feel comfortable in those clothes?  Here's another example... do you ever go to someone's blog and see how many followers they have and the number of comments they get on each post and ask yourself what are they doing to get that much traffic and what you can do to be more like them?
I have caught myself a number of times over the last few weeks comparing myself to others and wonder what I can do to be more the 'this person' who has a great sense of fashion, or 'that person' who has a awesome personality that's just so contagious or maybe 'that other person' who has some awesome success in her blog.  These thoughts can be time consuming and draining emotionally and ultimately unproductive! Every time I find myself comparing who I am to someone else I remind myself that I'm beautiful just the way I am and I need to be like no one I just need to be myself! 

I encourage you to be mindful of the those moments when the thoughts creep into your mind and you aren't good enough, when you want to be more like someone else or when you just want to change something about who you are, stop those thoughts and give yourself a little pep talk about how great it is to be you uniquely you.  Try and find happiness just BE YOURSELF! 

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