Mar 2, 2012


Well friends, it's FRIDAY and I'm excited for the weekend ahead.  This week has been interesting, I have spent a lot of time in silence just praying and reflecting, I have found great peace in that.  The last couple months have been stressful with everyday life and the busyness that come with it.
This sense of peace has perfect timing because in the next few weeks there are going to be some big changes in our family over the next few weeks (I'll share more soon).  These changes are very exciting but also very stressful and they bring an element of the unknown.  I have been reminded over and over that I need to take one day at a time, so today I am rejoicing in this season of peace!


  1. I love that quote. It's not an easy thing for a lot of people but it sounds like you've found it.

  2. I love this quote. Barbara is right, it isn't easy for a lot of people, including me. Peace be with you through your big changes.

  3. So grateful for sweet, buttery peace
    ...beautiful when a heart learns to rest easy
    against stronger shoulders:)
    more and more of it to you,

  4. Good luck on your journey of changes this week. I, too, love that quote... drew me right in to your blog!

  5. totally identify with this... we're in the same place with transitions - exciting, but scary and stressful. I'll be thinking of you!

  6. Good luck with your new baby, I could tell you were prego's, that apron gave it all away!!!


    1. Hi Karen thanks for your comment but the big change is not a baby Hee hee :-)


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