Apr 27, 2012

Not A Worry In the World

I was daydreaming the other day... just so you know, I don't daydream often but on occasion I get taken way by my thoughts and it's kinda fun.  It all started while I was watching my puppy bound around in the grass, she seemed to be having so much fun, she was free and has not a worry in the world.  That's where it all started not a worry in the world.....
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I started thinking about my childhood, the days when I was young, wild and free, bounding around in the same kinda way my puppy was.  I remember how naive I was, how my mind would think about the craziest stuff because there was no fear, no worry and no limitations that held me back.  In my mind   everything was possible with a little creativity. There's something to be said about the mind of a child.

With these vivid images of my younger self racing through my mind I started to ask myself what was I thinking? What were by biggest dreams and hopes in life back then?  Although I can't remember everything, I do remember a few things.  I would venture to say the things I do remember were some of the most prominent thoughts from my childhood especially because I still remember them many years later.

I remember I always had a plan for my life, I know that's nothing crazy but being organized and having a plan has been who I've been since I was a wee little gal.  Even though my plans often changed there was one common thread every time, and it was while I was daydreaming I seemed to figure it out, all these years later.  When the adults in my life asked that age old question "What do you want to be when you grow up?" I had many different answers I wanted to be a ballerina, teacher, artist and as I got older my answers changed to an architect, graphic designer, interior decorate and a social worker.  Well I ended up going to school to be a social worker but ironically the profession I chose was the ONLY profession that wasn't creative.
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My daydream was suddenly interrupted.... my puppy started barking, she was excited to see her puppy boyfriend (the neighbours dog) in the yard.  How rude lol.  Anyway, once I was back to reality, I kept thinking about what I had just discovered, creativity has always been something I have loved and aspired to do in life.  Since my focus shifted and I became a social worker I was trying to think of ways that I have kept creativity in my life.  I realized that at work even though there is little room for creativity there is room to be creative to get around the 'red tape' put out by the government....ok that's not really being creative.  On a more serious not I have always had a 'creative' space in our home where I have done different things from drawing, paper crafting, sewing and many other fun creative projects.  For some reason I still feel like the creative part of my life is lacking.

Now that I am aware of this I am going to make a conscious effort to increase the creativity in my day to day life.  I can't wait to see how it impacts me, I am actually excited to see what's in store for me in my creative journey.

Do you remember what your dreams were as a child?  Are you living the dreams you had when you were a child or have you suppressed them to pursue other things in life?

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  1. I always wanted to be an actor. But then I saw how hard that life is. I now plan to go to law school and specialize in entertainment law as a compromise.



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