Apr 23, 2012

Weekend Recap

Do you ever fell like you've had the greatest weekend ever, had a chance to do all the things you love and just didn't want it to end?  Well that's how I felt about this past weekend.  I had such a great weekend doing all the things I love best in life.

We celebrated our puppy's 2nd Birthday.  I know she's not a puppy anymore but we still call her our puppy cause she is just so small and cute!
This picture on the left was the day we brought Hiccups home two years ago.  She was so small but oh so cute I can't believe how much she has grown since we brought her home, it's kinda hard to believe because she is still only 6 lbs.  This picture on the right is a picture I took recently, she looks so mature and has developed such a wonderful personality.  We love her so much and look forward to the many years ahead of ball squeaking, sun bathing and snuggles.

I also had the opportunity to get a pedicure with a friend of mine.  She got a great deal at groupon.com for a manicure and pedicure special from a local nail tech.  I had recently had my nails done so I went for the pedicure.  I had a great time chatting, laughing and being pampered.  I was so thankful that my friend invited me to join her because it was a blast and who doesn't love being pampered?

Ryan and I also went on a dinner date, with Ryan back in school we haven't being doing our traditional weekly date night but that's ok it makes the nights that we do go out on a date that much more special.  A new restaurant opened by a very popular and successful restaurant company in the area, actually Ryan use to work at one of the other restaurants the company owns.  This new restaurant we went to is a little different from the other restaurant this company has in town, it's casual more like a sports bar, lounge type atmosphere.  The restaurant is called Beertown, the name says it all, they have a HUGE selection of beers on tap and in bottles and when I say HUGE I mean, they have over 130 different beers to choose from!.  Dinner was great we really enjoyed our meal and Ryan enjoyed the two different beers he tried.  I don't normally drink so I stuck with my "kiddie cocktail" as they call it.
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Spending time with Ryan, our puppy Hiccups, a fun afternoon out with a friend is the best way to spend a weekend, I cherish the time I get to be with my family and friends!

I'd love hear about what you did this weekend and I'd also love if you would shared what your ideal weekend would look like.  With the weekend behind us I hope you have a wonderful week!


  1. Wow! That DOES sound like an amazing weekend. Mine included doing chalk art around the neighborhood for Invisible Children's Cover-the-Night (with a house full of teenagers); attending a baby shower for a dear friend; and seeing the movie, Blue Like Jazz.
    Catherine Denton

  2. I also went to a Beertown (in Cambridge) on the weekend! I'm not a fan of beer but the food I had was excellent. :)


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