May 9, 2012

So Close .... Yet So Far

If you have been following my blog for a while you will know that last summer I signed up to take a quilting class.  I was so excited to get started I shared about going to my first quilt class and then a few weeks later I shared my quilt in progress.  After that I don't think I mentioned my quilt here on my blog.  I guess there is a reason for that!  Once I finished piecing the top together I was busy working on quilting together the top, batting and backing.
I did it all on my little machine and well lets say it was a lot of work and it took quite a long time.  I guess I was finished quilting everything together in November.  That's when things came to a screeching halt, I was so close yet the end seemed so far!  After putting all that working into piecing the quilt top together and spending hours quilting all the layers together I put the quilt in a bag and left it.  There is just one step left one fairly easy step... binding the edges and it would be FINISHED.  You may wonder why I didn't just finish it and to be honest I don't really know. So instead of finishing the quilt it sat there for months untouched, unfinished.  
A few months ago I met this amazing friend at church and we seemed to have a lot in common and she is a very talented avid quilter.  I was telling her about my first quilt and how it sits unfinished in the closet.  We have been chatting about getting together for some time to play in her studio and she said she would show me and help me finish my quilt.  We ended up spending an evening together last week and I got my spark back I am way into project two and I had hoped to finish my first quilt first but I ran into a little hiccup (not my dog but a real hiccup) We were working on putting the boarder on and about a third of the way in I looked at the amount of binding that I had left and knew it wouldn't make it all the way around...BUMMER!!!!  
So the quilt is still unfinished but I am planning a trip to the fabric store to pick up more fabric, and sadly the fabric I picked for the boarder is no longer available so now I have to pick out something totally different but something that will still match the rest of the quilt.  Once I have the fabric I will then finish the quilt.  I am determined to get it done, I am so so close yet it feels like to get it done is so so far.  I hope to be able to show you my finished quilt soon friend I really hope to be done soon.

Is there a project that you started and haven't gotten around to finishing?

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