Aug 15, 2012


My hubby and I live in a city that I would consider the perfect size.  The population is about 500 000 people,  it's not too big, but it's big enough.  When we first got married we were trying to decide where we wanted to live.  We both lived in Toronto which was just too big for us.  Ryan grew up in a small town called Huntsville which had a population of  about 20 000 people in the winter and 100 000 in the summer...yup you guessed it he lived in cottage country.  Growing up I lived in Ottawa and I was silly going through school and didn't take up french and seeing that Ottawa is a bilingual city I wasn't able to get a job there without being able to speak french fluently.

As I started to look for a job just before I graduated from university, hubby and I discussed what we were looking for in a city.  I applied for jobs all over the Province and I was offered a few jobs but the only permanent position was in the city we now live.  We didn't know much about the city but, what we did know is that the area is home to two major universities, and a college.  It is also the home to Research In Motion the creator of Blackberry, and there is a large farming community in these parts.  So this is the city we now call home.

The longer we live here the more adventures we embark on.  Today I want to share a recent crazy adventure, one I never ever EVER expected to experience in my wildest dreams.  A group of friends invited us to a BBQ at their family farm we were so excited to go and just hang out.  When we heard more about the details there was also going to be a skeet shoot ... skeet shooting? I had no idea what that was all about.  Hubby told me a few details and although I thought it was interesting I didn't really get a full grasp of the event until we got there.  I stood back and watched for a bit and then decided that I wanted to try it once....
I was so nervous, I had NEVER shot a gun before, luckily most people who attended this shindig had, so I had lots of teachers.  A few friends of mine were able to show me a few things about, well, you know, safety!  Then they gave me a few tips and sent me off shooting.  Don't worry no animals were hurt during this event, we were shooting at clay disks.  Did you know people do this as a sport, I think its even in the olympics.  Who knew?!?!? 

So I fired my first shot....BOOM!  Oh man was it fun, I had no idea!  I didn't have any intentions of shooting more then once but I kinda enjoyed it.... so I fired off a few more shots.  
It was so much fun!  I think I shoot off about 5 rounds and that was enough, not to mention I got myself a nice bruise from the recoil, my friends warned me but these things happen, that's ok it was fun.  I didn't hit any of the clay disks which I was determined to do so before packing it in for dinner I had to try one more time and guess what I hit the clay disk on the first shot.

The skeet shoot part of the afternoon was definitely out of my 'comfort zone' but the moral of the story is, sometimes we have to let go of control, try something new and have a little fun!  

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  1. I'm glad you enjoyed it. It's something I'm not sure I'd go out of my way to try, but might if given the opportunity.
    I was only in Ontario once, for 4 nights, and spent two of them in Huntsville. Sooo tiny but such a pretty place.


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