Feb 5, 2013

Safe in His Hands

I have been thinking about writing this post for a few days now but when I sat down at the computer to share my thoughts...they escaped me.  I knew in my heart what it was I wanted to share but putting it into meaningful sentences was proving to be harder then anticipated.  I sat and watched the curser blink...blink...blink.  I walked away got a drink came back and still the curser blink...blink…blink.  I sat frustrated in the fact that I wasn't able to translate my thought to the screen so I walked away again and prayed and then the words just flooded my mind, my poor little fingers couldn't keep up.  

Earlier this year I wrote a post about 2013 being the year for change.  What I didn't realize at that time was how much might actually be changing this year.  So much has happened in the few weeks since I wrote that post.  There have been so many exciting changes for me personally, for my hubby for us as a family (no we aren't announcing a pregnancy).  I have had some spiritual revelations that I'm super excited about and I hope to share but for today I want to rejoice in the feeling...the feeling of peace!  
Typically in times of change, times of uncertainty, when I'm not in control I feel a lot of stress.  Normally, there’s this cloud of anxiety that looms over my head but for some reason, with life changing decisions ahead, I have an overwhelming sense of peace. Don't get me wrong there are moments where the anxiety creeps in but overall I feel at peace. 

In the past it hasn’t been easy for me to fully surrender control to Him, I’ve always wanted to have my hand on the steering wheel. It normally takes a conscious effort to surrender to His plan rather then my own but again there is something different about these possible changes that lie ahead of us. I haven’t had a desire to be in control, it seems natural to lift it up to Him and pray for His will in all the different areas. 

Although I can’t get my mind around it, and honestly I don’t think I need to, what I do know is that I feel safe in His hands.  I can honestly say I feel confident knowing that He has a plan for me, for my hubby, for our life wherever it might take us, a plan to prosper and not to harm, plans to give us hope and a future (Jer. 29:11) To be frank, this is not normal for me, I am someone who doesn’t feel safe easily.  I have always struggled with trusting people because of past hurt but that’s just another one of those things God is changing in my life. I am learning to trust more and I think trusting in Him is a great place to start.


  1. Christina, thanks for sharing! I feel like the past couple years have taught me a lot about letting go of control and letting Jesus take over. It's not easy to do! It's so much easier to worry and try to do things ourselves. Anyway, I was encouraged by this!

    p.s. I found your blog through heather over at "tickled yellow". :)

  2. I love this post, Christina! So good! :) I am in a similar place this year. I have some pretty huge hopes and dreams on my heart, but I also feel content and at peace, knowing He holds all of them in His hands. I know He hears me and knows the desires in my heart, because He's placed Him there, and I can rest in the knowledge that He will orchestrate everything according to His perfect plan for my life and in His perfect timing. Surrendering can be so hard, so what a wonderful and birthday way for you to begin 2013! :)


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