Mar 4, 2013

Delight in the Opportunity to Slow Down

Do you ever get the opportunity to just sit, slow down and soak in everything around you?  I relish the opportunity when it comes up, sadly it doesn’t happen all that often because of the hustle and bustle of my day to day life.  When I do get these opportunity to slow down and soak up what's around me I often enjoy these moments best when I am surrounded by nature.  I'm often breathless as I watch the birds dance and sing in the sky, there are no words to express how grateful I am in those moments to have the ability to admiring God's beautiful creation.  
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I don't always get the chance to get away from the city to find the quite oasis in nature so from time to time I also delight in the opportunity of enjoying the buzz of a busy coffee shop.  It's amazing what I see as I sit quietly in the corner of my favourite coffee shop with my hands wrapped around a warm cup of vanilla latte and just people interact and rush to the next destination with a cup of java to go.  It's amazing how you see God's work when you take a moment to step back and watch the hustle and bustle happening around you.  

Sometimes we relish for the opportunities to see God's work but really it's happening all around us, every waking moment, we are sometimes to busy to realize it.  I know I'm guilty of this!  I've challenged myself this week to slow down, embrace the moments and see God in all things.  I don't want to rush through my days missing all the glorious gifts God has placed in front of me because I am too busy rushing around to notice.  Will you join me?  I hope you do, even just for a day!   

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  1. I am currently not working and that is sometimes a challenge. But more and more I realize that this season will pass and I will not have all this time to be still, ponder, create, soak in. I need to take full advantage of this season while it is here, it is a gift! I am off to some worship time now...


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