Apr 24, 2013

I Would Die For That

Today I want to shed light on a topic that is not often talked about.  A topic in which I haven't experienced personally but I strongly believe it should be discussed.  It's a topic of discussion that doesn't normally roll off the tip of your tongue but many women struggle with it silently.  Today I hope to shed light on the struggle of infertility.

As I mentioned I have not dealt with infertility personally but I do have a very dear friend Krystal who spent the 7+ years on her journey to becoming a mom.  As a friend, I did my best to be there for her, to walk along side her, to support her, and to just listen.  I realize now that Krystal struggled far more than I could have ever imagined.  I shared a little about Krystal and her husband Brandon's story of infertility just over a year ago, looking back now I can't believe how much has happened since that point and how far they have come, personally and in their journey to having a child.  There were so many heart aches and disappointments along their journey, but there was also glimmers of joy and hope.
Image captured by Cassie from Cassie Vosburgh Photography
Brandon and Krystal have since been blessed with a beautifully baby boy through a local private adoption and he has brought so much joy to their family.  Although this baby has been such a blessing the journey has been a long and hard one.  I just had the privilege of hearing Krystal's testimony through this journey and I was lost for words, and caught up in the emotions and tears of her touching story...I thought I knew what she was going through as her friend but I realize now I only knew a small portion of her reality.  I learnt that she never got her hopes up too high for fear it would led to yet another disappointment.  During her testimony Krystal shared this video.

This video helped me understand so much, as a friend who has not gone through the trials and tribulations of infertility I realize just how badly Krystal, and so many other women struggling just want to be a mom.

If you weren't aware this week is National Infertility Awareness Week and Amanda over at A Royal Daughter blog is sharing her personal story of infertility all week I hope you'll go by her blog to hear her heart about her personal struggles.


  1. Hi Christina, thank you SO much for sharing my story with your community. I'm so thankful for support and encouragement and for people spreading awareness about infertility.

  2. Christina, I love this post, it's a reminder to me to be so thankful for the blessings Andrew and I have received in Baibhinn and Fearghus. Love the song!


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