Apr 29, 2013

Living In Community

Image from @sarahmae via Instagram
This weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to meet up with some great women and make some new friends.  Jac over at babE blessings was gracious enough to host an (in)RL ('In Real Life')  meet up, I had heard about this web-based community in the past but never really checked in to see what it was all about. When I heard Jac was hosting an event I was super excited and wanted to know more about what (in)RL was really all about.  I was surprised to discover that (in)RL was born out of women leaving comments over at (in)courage craving local, real life community, which is absolutely something I've always wanted and prayed for in my own life. (in)RL is an invitation to share what we've learned about community and encourage women within our community to connect deeper in real life.

The focus of this years (in)RL meet up was the Challenge of Staying in Community.  We talked about making deep connected beyond the computer screen.  I have to say, up until a couple of years ago I would have pointed to my computer screen to show where all my 'people' were.  I felt so isolated and alone and felt like the only people I was connecting with were on the other side of a computer screen.  I am so grateful for the church I am currently in because I have been able to find real life community like I've never known before.  I have developed friendships and let my guard down, something I never thought I'd ever be able to do after being hurt by so many others.
Image from @jolantheerb via Instagram
We also talked about staying in community when you've been hurt, staying through sickness, loss and sadness.  We talked about staying through life transitions, when we don't have time and when it's the right thing to do.  Although I can't personally relate to all these areas I was so glad to be able to hear from the other ladies who joined us and encourage each other through these difficult times.  We spoke about fuelling our days with His Word so we can fuel others (children, husbands, friends etc).  I wish I could share all the things I learnt.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to join together with friends, old and new, in real life to grow closer together in community...community which He intended us to be a part of!

Were you able to take part in an (in)RL meet up in the community you live in?  Did you see the tweets and Instagram posts?  If so, I'd love hear what you learnt about community this weekend.

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  1. It was a wonderful experience to join women in my community for the (in)RL conference! I actually hosted one at my home. I'm glad you, too, had such a positive experience!

    Christy @ A Heartening Life


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