Jun 4, 2013

Don't Live a Half Way Life!

I have been known to do things halfway some times, I know it's not the best character trait to be telling you about, here in such a public place but it's something I struggle with and this little blog is a place where I want to be real.  Life's not all rainbows and lollypops around here friends.  So in an effort to keep things real lets talk about this.  There are times when I can be very determined and if I have a goal in mind I strive to achieve it, putting everything I have into reaching my goal.  But there are other times, mostly when it comes to creative projects, I seem to start things going full tilt and then my passion fizzles out causing me to lose motivation which, in turn, leaves me with a lot of unfinished projects.  Thankfully this characteristic only protrudes in ugly head in areas of my life that doesn't really impact others.

After realizing this about myself, I spent some time thinking about how doing things 'half way' would look in other areas of my life. I wanted to make sure it wasn't something that had already made it's way into other areas of my life and I just hadn't realized it.  I also wanted to know what to look out for if it were to creep into new areas of my life in the future.  As I applied, what I perceive to be a negative characteristic, to different areas of my life I couldn't help but think about how this could impact relationships I have with people in my life if I let it.  Then I got to thinking, how would this impact our relationship with our Heavenly Father?
Image taken by Alison Burrow from A New Creation Studio
In today's society we hear it often, "we just grew apart", "things haven't been the same as they were when we first met", "It's too much work" when people are talking about deteriorating relationships whether they are referring to friendships or intimate relationships with their spouse we often hear similar responses.  One common thread in these responses, and similar to the experience with my many unfinished creative projects, is once the 'high' wears off it's a lot of work.  Whether it's a project or a relationship we need to press in, we need to give it our full, even in the difficult times.  We grow so much when we come out the other end of a disagreement or a struggle, just think, if we had given up we wouldn't have learnt or grown in that way.  If we threw in the towel every time we got frustrated or discouraged or when things start to get a little rocky we would all have 'half way' experiences and would never have the joy of experiencing life at it's fullest.

Are there relationships in your life that you aren't giving your full?  Have you been sitting in a relationship where you have been giving a half way effort?  What about your relationship with God, are you just making a half way effort or are you pressing in and reaping the benefits of a full on deep relationship with Him?  Whether it's a relationship with a friend, spouse or even God, we shouldn't be living a half way life, we need to press in and make a valiant effort.  Pressing in might mean taking the first step to speak with a friend you haven't spoken to in months, or maybe it's having a serious conversation with your spouse discussing some difficult topics, or maybe you need to open the scriptures and press into God's Word, spend time with Him.  Don't live a half way life, in half way relationships...press in!

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