Jun 10, 2013

It's an Investment!

Prayer is something that is often spoken about, especially within Christian communities.  We talk about our personal prayer life, and we tell people we speak with we are going to pray but I wonder if we really appreciate the power of prayer?  Do we truly appreciate the importance of prayer?

A few weeks ago I took one of the classes offered through the Influence Network called 'Married Life'.  I was super excited to take the class and I went prepared to learn a lot about marriage and being a Godly wife, but I walked away with so much more!  The class was led by a husband and wife duo, how appropriate, Susie and Will Jr. Davis.  They had so much wisdom to share about marriage but the information was easily translated in to other areas of life and not exclusive for marriage. At the end of the class I was refreshed and had lots to think about. Among many other things one comment that stuck out was when Will Jr. said "Every time you pray, you're making a deposit into your Heavenly bank account.  He will pay!"  This simple comment has been popping into my mind quite frequently since I took the class.  
I had never really thought of prayer in that way before, my prayers were like money...every time I pray I am making an investment in my relationship with God... if I invest in prayer I will prosper spiritually.  There is one major difference when comparing money and prayer and that difference is investing in prayer is eternal and money in fleeting.  Don't get me wrong, I truly believe and know the power of prayer and the importance of prayer but I had NEVER heard it described in that way before and for some reason it resonated with me.
As I go forward and apply what I've learnt I really see how I am approaching prayer differently.  It's not something I have to do, it's a choice, I’m making a conscious decision to pray.  I also realized that I am considering the quality of my prayers.  I know God doesn’t need or expect us to present top quality professional presentations with our prayer requests but putting effort our prayer time as appose to being lazy and make it a habit to only pray ‘Lord you know my needs and the needs of those around me.  Thanks for all you do. Amen’ and wrap it up with a nice bow. God wants more from our prayer lives and so should we. 

For me prayer is a private thing, I find my best times of prayer are when I am driving around the city with the radio off, but I have recently started to spend time just sitting without distractions (as difficult as that is sometimes) and praying to God.  Sometimes I write my prayers down and other times I pray verses from the Bible over myself or others.  I encourage you to think about making a serious investment into your Heavenly Bank account and pray!

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