Jun 17, 2013


Have you ever been to a masquerade? You know those parties where you dress up and wear beautiful masks to disguise your identify?  I can't remember attending a masquerade but I don't think we have to be invited to one of those fancy balls to be part of the masquerade, I think it happens around us more often the we'd like to think or even admit.

I know personally there are time when I 'put on a mask' just to appease the people around me.  Maybe I don't want people asking about something I'm struggling with and I'm not ready to share.  Maybe I'm ashamed and just don't want to talk about it or maybe it's about self doubt and feeling as though you 'need' to act a certain way to been included in a specific group of friends.  All these things happen every day, to you, to me, and to the people around us we love most.  
This concept of a masquerade is even more prevalent in the online world or at least I feel that way sometimes.  As we sit at home in our comfy PJ's blog browsing, things always seem to be so perfect.  The prefect family pictures, the youtube video's taken in a part of the home that is so lavish...whatever the situation might, be I bet you can think of one site you've been to in the last week and wondered, wow they have a perfect life.  I beg the question... is what we see a true reflection of their life or is a mask they are putting on to shield the real person, struggles and maybe personal flaws.  

As humans we are prone to hind being the mask, we often see what society considers normal through the snippets we see into the lives of celebrities.  When we watch TV shows our minds are flooded with images and ideas of what's perceived to be 'normal', or even expected.  But when we turn off the TV, shut down our laptops and close the magazines what do we see?  I know, I see a mess....sometimes that's a literal mess cause I didn't feel like cleaning the kitchen after dinner or sometimes it's a emotional mess.  Why do we feel like we have to wear a mask to impress people in our real lives or online?  I bet most of us have the same answer...acceptance, we just want to be accepted.  

It's probably fair to say, at some time or another, we have all put on that 'mask' to hide from whatever mess we didn't want people to see... doesn't that beg the question do we do the same with God?  Do we put on the mask to hide our mess in hopes of coming across as 'put together' for God?  I know I have, to be honest there was a time I thought I could hide whole parts of my life from God.  I thought that like people here on earth I'd be able to 'trick Him' into believing I was a good person and I had it together.  What I have come to realize is that as hard as I try to mask parts of my life, unlike people, God can see right through and He knows every messy part about me yet, He accepts me for who I am and loves me.  

It's unfortunate that we go through life thinking we need to put on a mask to be accepted, because who He has made us to be isn't good enough and we strive to be accepted.  But really, we are more the enough and we have the ultimate example of acceptance in God.  He accepts us, mess and all, just the way we are.  Get out from behind the mask, break down that facade you put online, stop trying to be something or someone you're not... you are a beautiful mess just the way you are and you're accepted!!  

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