Jun 28, 2013

The Time Has Come It's Time to Launch

It's been a long time coming, I have been planning, praying and dreaming about this for close to a year now.  The time has finally come, I'm almost ready to launch my new blog.  Last year at Influence Conference I was totally inspired, I had been throwing around the idea of making a shift in my blog but I was comfortable where I was and all I really knew about the blogging world is it was a great way to share creative ideas.  Although I love to create I felt like I wanted something more, I wanted to share more than glitter and fabric... there is nothing wrong with glitter and fabric and don't get me wrong I still love my glitter I just wanted a change.  I wanted to share my heart and next week I will be able to continue to do that as I launch my new blog ... Words On My Heart
Like I said, I have been working on this launch for some time, it's been a long processes, longer then I had planned but I have enjoyed the journey.  I've had the opportunity to work with some amazing women to get my new space just the way I had imagined.  It's been such a blessing.

I'm looking forward to launch day next week, I'm so excited.  I hope you will continue to follow me over at my new blog as I continue to grow and share.  If you'd like to continue to follow me on this journey please follow me on one of the platforms below.

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