Jan 16, 2011

Change of Plan... Thanks to the snow

My plan for yesterday was to go out and hunt for fabric, but that plan was dumped on by snow.  It was snowing all day and the main roads had not been plowed by mid-morning so I changed my plan and tackled a project at home.

I thought I would share a quick picture of my hubby shoveling our driveway.  I took this picture from the warmth of the house through the front window, I am not a fan of the cold.

Living in Southern Ontario we don't get as much snow as other cities in Northern Ontario but this was a big dumping for us southerners :-)

I hope you have been enjoying your weekend and are staying warm.  Do you get snow where you live?

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  1. Dear Southern Ontario, Greetings from Northern Ontario! :)

    I came across your blog (via Tiny Twig) and decided to start at the beginning and learn a little about you and then I saw your first post - snow! Sigh, I'm not looking forward to the snow. Our leaves are already yellowing and falling to the ground here and the nights are becoming colder. Winter is coming. :) I'm glad I've discovered your blog and i've added it to my list of reading. Have a great time at the Influence conference and since I can't attend I'd love to read a post about it! Happy Blogging!


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