Jan 18, 2011

My Amaryllis

I don't have a green thumb by any means.  To be honest I have killed every plant I have ever had including bamboo, and a jade plant.  I continue to be optimistic and purchase house plants because I feel they add such a warm touch to every home.

I was watching my favorite morning shows one morning, they were talking about house plants that are popular during the winter holidays.  I fell in love with the beautiful bold colour and unique look of the amaryllis.  I ran to the store and purchased a bulb in hopes that it would bloom for Christmas, really I was more worried about killing it before it bloomed.

Sadly my amaryllis didn't bloom for Christmas but I didn't kill it so that's a plus.  The amaryllis has bloomed in the last couple of days.  I think it's such a beautiful flower, I love it.  We have it on a little console table in our front foyer (I have big plans for the front foyer, we are in the planning stages right now but I plan to post our progress including painting).  The stem of the flower is so thick and strong I was super surprised how tall they are, they are about 3' tall.  I would have thought it would have wilted over, but no, it stands strong and beautiful.  There are about 10 flowers blooming and there are still buds that haven't bloomed yet so this plant will be around adding colour to our bland builders white walls.

I really like this plant and my hubby really seems to likes it too which is a bonus.  My hope is once it has finished blooming I will be able to preserve the bulb for next year.  Preserving the bulb seems to be a little bit tricky so I will do my best.  Does anyone out there with a green thumb have any recommendations or suggestions to preserve this bulb?

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