Jan 30, 2011

Tool Time Part 2

I mentioned in my last post that Ryan and I hit the hardware store to improve our tool arsenal.  We ended up leaving with a pretty good selection of products that I am super excited about, I can't wait to use them.  There were a couple of small ticket items that I didn't share in the last post but they were feeling unimportant and left out so here is a special post just about them... because they are very important members of out tool arsenal.
I would have to say this yellow gem (also known as a measuring tape) is one of the most important, if not the most important tool anyone could have in their tool box.  You can't really do much without this tool! So if you don't have one get out there and get yourself a measuring tape, it will become your new best friend, I hope you'll love your tape measure as much as I do!  This under-appreciated tool helps measure spaces for new furniture, measure for cuts on either wood or fabric and much much more, well if it has to do with measuring that is.  :-)   
We have been in our house for almost 4 years and we've lived with the boring, poor quality builder's beige paint all over the house.  I enjoy beige, but this beige is more like flat imitation white, yuk!  We have big plans to paint and that means lots of cutting and trim painting.  I purchased a short handle angled brush, I was told it's supposed to help with creating clean cuts and precise lines, because of the brushes design.  We'll see, I'll keep you posted as to how it works.

We stood in front of all the sandpaper on the shelf, we had no idea there was so many different types of sandpaper. I have so many projects on my "to do list" so we decided to purchase a multi pack of sandpaper and see which ones we use most and go get more as we need it.   

Last but not least, wood glue... one of the major projects I have in mind is to build an upholstered bench.  I plan to use wood glue to help re-enforce the joints, obviously I'm planing on using screw too.

So that's it...I think we did pretty good on our adventure to the hardware store, but I am sure we will have to go back at some point to get something we don't have.  I hope to keep you posted on any additions to our tool arsenal.  The other thing I need to work on, and it's on my to do list, I need to organizing the tools and building supplies. I want to be able to know and see what we have, cause there is no point having anything if you don't know where it is!!!

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