Jan 24, 2011

Tool Time

I loved watching Home Improvement with Tim the Tool Man Taylor as a kid.  I couldn't let the opportunity to talk about tools pass by without a montage from the show.  Sometimes when I am working on a project I can't resist the Tool Man Grunt.

Tim Taylor had some seriously bad luck, I don't know if you could count the number of accidents Tim had, thankfully no one was hurt in the making of the show.  But we all know there are risks when working with tools, so safety is really important whenever you are using tools of any kind.

One thing I didn't have is a lot of "actual tools", you know, power tools.  I always relied on my dad and his stash of tools but now that I'm married and live on the opposite side of the Province I can't depend on good old dad any longer.  Ryan and I have collected a couple of tools over the years from family members who had doubles they could spare.  Lets just say our tool collection consisted of a circular saw with no blade, an antique drill that works but it doesn't reverse (which is important), wrench set, screw drivers, hammer, and a level.  You could say there were some big gaps in our tool stash.

With a project in mind (one of the biggest projects I have ever tacked) I needed some new tools to make it happen.  Ryan and I got all bundled up in our winter gear, cause it's COLD really really COLD, and went to the hardware store to get some tools (insert Tim the Tool man Taylor's grunt here).

These are the tools we added to our cart.

Although we have an antique drill already I needed a drill that had a reverse option.  Before we got to the store I had already done some research and wanted to purchase the Ryobi 18V drill which was $99.  When we got to the store we realized that the exact drill I wanted was in a starter kit which included the drill and a circular saw.  The starter kit was on sale for $99 (regular price $129).  To be honest it wasn't a difficult decision two tools for the price of one...SOLD!  
I had been debating about purchasing a "bigger" saw like a table saw or a miter saw to make cuts that my circular saws couldn't but they are a BIG investment and I wasn't sure I would put them to good use.  I even thought about purchasing a used one off Kijiji but I decided to get a hand saw instead.  LOL 

We bought a blade for our circular saw, the one we inherited in our tool arsenal which had no blade.  The circular saw we got with the drill came with a blade but it is smaller so we needed to get a blade for our blade-less saw at home.  I don't think this is the exact blade we got but same brand and size.  The blade we bought is a multipurpose blade. 

I also wanted to get a tool that would help create pocket holes to countersink my screws.  We had to ask about 4 sales associates until someone knew what we were talking about.  It was great...we asked one guy who was in the department he didn't know and got his buddy who didn't know and got another guy and then they called in the only girl on the floor who knew exactly what I was talking about, girl power! This tool is also known as a Kreg Jig but that's a brand name and they don't sell that brand in Canada.   

Another important tool are clamps, especially when you are working alone which I do often cause I do most of my projects on the weekend and Ryan works weekends.  Clamps are my best friend :-)  

The last item for today's post are wood screws that have Robertson (square) heads.  My dad has always told me to use Robertson screws because they are easy to use one-handed, because the tapered socket holds the screw, even if it is shaken.  They are also self-centering, reduce cam-out and stripping and can be removed if painted-over or old and rusted.

Those are just a few of the things that landed in our shopping cart at the hardware store, we have about 5 more items that landed in our cart that I will share in my next post, so come back and check it out! 

Go create with confidence!

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