Mar 14, 2011

Fabulous Fabric

Fabric hunting has been an adventure!  Unfortunately we don't have a nice large fabric store in our community, I spent weeks going to furniture stores in the area that sell their fabric by the yard looking through books with no success.  I went to a few local fabric stores and didn't really find anything that I loved so I continued my search.  I found a few really nice websites that sold fabric but they wouldn't ship to Canada.  I finally found Designer Fabrics Online that sold fabric online but they also had a store in Toronto that was open to the public.  I delayed going out there cause I thought I'd find something I liked closer to home but I didn't.  I continued to look for fabric online and found this one...

I fell in LOVE! (It's called Hip Berry by P. Kaufmann) After finding this fabric not only was my goal to find fabric in general but to find this specific fabric to see in person.  I emailed the designer who was based in the States and they gave me info for two store that carry their fabrics in Ontario.  One of the stores was in Ottawa, near my parents house, so I sent my mom to see if they had it in store... they didn't.  They said that they could order it in but I would have to guarantee a purchase 20 yards to make it worth it for them...I think not!  The only other store that carried their fabrics was the Designer Fabrics Outlet store in Toronto. I got on the phone and called to see if they had that specific design in stock...THEY HAD IT!!!!! YIPPY!!!!! I totally did a victory dance, Heck ya!

My mom came to visit and I thought it would be a fun trip to go together as she has more experience with fabric and sewing in general so we hopped in the car and drove down to Toronto.  It was a grey day and raining but a good drive none the less.  When we got to Toronto we found a parking lot to close the address I had written down... did I mention I wrote down the wrong address?  I had written 360 Queen Street and really should have been 1360 Queen Street.  At the moment I thought "oh that's ok, let's walk" so my mom and I started to walk in the rain and about 10 blocks in I realized it was a bad idea cause we were only in the six hundreds.  One hour later and soaking wet we arrived. 

I didn't know what to expect when we arrived, after clearing the rain off my glasses and getting myself together this is what greeted us.  I felt a little overwhelmed, I can't remember ever being in a fabric store, especially one this large, there was fabric everywhere!!!  Once I figured out how things worked, I was good to go and started my hunt.  But first things first,  I asked for the specific fabric I went for, Hip Berry. I was so surprised the lady new exactly where it was.  I feel in love all over again it looked great online but it was perfect in person!  I really would recommend if you are going to purchase fabric try and get at least a sample to see the true colors.  When I saw Hip Berry online I thought the background of the design was like a charcoal grey but really in person it's a smokey brown, which for me was better.

While we were at the fabric store I also wanted to find some fabric that would compliment Hip Berry.  I wanted some solid color fabric.  Originally I wanted to pick up on the purple and the beige but unfortunately I wasn't able to find a fabric that I liked that coordinated with the purple so I went with the a green.  These are the fabrics I left with... I had my heart set on purple but I am really loving what we left with, I'll just have to find another way to add purple to the mix.

I was impressed with the selection of fabric and colors available at Designer Fabric Outlet and the prices were really good too.  They also had loads of notions (the odds and end for sewing) and they were also very well priced so I left with 9 pillow forms and a few yards of pipping for a few of my pillows.

All in all it was a successful day and a great starting point.  I will definitely be planning another trip to Toronto for more fabric, but this time I'll know where to park the car lol.  Now I have to get to work on sewing.... but first I need to buy a sewing machine :-) I know I did things a little backwards, one would normally have a sewing machine before buying fabric.  I have never been know to follow the rules!  

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  1. I used hip berry in my sewing room...i love it and I guess it's not being made anymore?


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