Mar 15, 2011

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's off to sew I go!!!

I have always been interested in sewing but I never really went any further then the thought of it being interesting but "it was nerdy and only grandma's did it".  More recently I have come across some really amazing fabrics that really resemble a lot of the papers I use in card making and I have been inspired.  There are some awesome, bold, vibrant fabrics out there!  I also happened to stumble across Heather Bailey's website and blog.  I started to think of all the cool things I could do if I learnt how to sew.  With some of Heather Bailey's patterns tucked away, I thought I'd start by making some basic pillow covers for around the house before jumping into something more difficult.

I went out and bought fabric and pillows forms, I washed my fabric and was ready to go but I quickly realized I was missing something important, I wasn't going to be sewing the pillow covers by hand.  I didn't have a sewing machine, so off to the store I went in search of a sewing machine.  I knew I could purchase a sewing machine from Walmart or Michael's but I wanted to make sure that I bought a starter sewing machine that would guarantee to carry me into intermediate and advance projects (if I ever get there).  There were a few option but this is the beauty I ended up bring home.

This is my Janome Pearl 18, isn't she a beauty? Here are some of key features this sewing machine's offers:
  • a choice from 18 stitches
  • one step buttonhole
  • jam proof drop in bobbin
  • built in needle threader
  • auto-declutch bobbin winder
  • stretch stitches
  • length and width adjustment
  • drop feed dog system 
  • metal frame construction
  • hard cover
  • and multiple feet - walking foot, zipper foot, bottonhole foot, blind hem foot, zigzag foot, satin stitch foot
So I don't really know how to use the machine yet but I have purchased some cheep fabric and I plan to play with it and see what I can do.  Also one of the benefits of purchasing from the specialty store I get a free lesson with the purchase of the sewing machine.  I am definitely going to take advantage of that free lesson cause I am sure once I get to playing with the sewing machine I will have a load of questions.  

Off I go to play with my new toy.  I'll keep you posted on my progress. 

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  1. Can't wait to see some of the projects you have been sewing.


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