Jun 30, 2011

On My Heart - Parents

This week my parents have come to visit and help us do some major projects around the house.  It is not often enough we acknowledge and appreciate what our parents do for us.  Even though I am all grown up, married, and have my own house I keep forgetting that I will always be my parents' child.

My hubby and I have been living in our house for almost 4 years now, we weren't the first owners but we were the first to actually live in the house.  Since the day we have moved in we have been living with builder's white walls, nothing special! We had big dreams to paint the house but a few more important projects just kept getting in the way.  And honestly, I couldn't decide what colours to paint, FINALLY my hubby and I decided and agreed (that was a big deal) on the paint colours.  We had enough money tucked away to get the project started but once we started to realize how big the project really was and how unexperienced we were we decided to asked my parents for some guidance.  But providing guidance was not enough, they wanted to come and help and teach.

This week we have been working away on adding crown molding, fixing nail pops, painting trim, painting walls and all the fun stuff in between.  We are so grateful for their help and support.  This is a picture of my dad and I working away!

Ok we don't look pretty but we are working hard...come on give us a break!

There are not enough words in the world to describe a parent's love for their children.  And there are equally not enough works for children to thank their parents for all the things they do for us, their children.

For what it's worth... THANK YOU!

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  1. Awwww, beautiful!! I've been blessed with amazing parents (and in-laws!) too! Stopping by from Casey's!


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