Jul 11, 2011

Satin Flower Clip Tutorial

I took part in the Homemade Gift Exchange over at Craftacholics Anonymous and I gave this Satin Flower clip to my partner.  In my post I said I'd be back with a tutorial so here it is!


*Polyester Satin *Lighter/candle *Scissors *Pigment Ink *Thread and Needle *Pearls or beads *Alligator clip or pin *Ribbon

Step 1 - Cut 5 square (or as many as you like, the more you have the bigger the flower) each square should be 1/2 inch larger then the previous one with the smallest square being at 1/1/2 inchs.  If you go any smaller you may burn your fingers...Ouch!

 Step 2 - Round the edges of all your squares...no need to be perfect that's what make each flower unique like real flowers! 

Step 3 - Once you have all the squares looking a little more like circles singe the edges. You don't want to burn them so don't hold the satin too close to the flame, you will know when you are close enough cause the edges will curl.  Make sure to singe all the edges of all the layer of your flower.  

Step 4 - using a Pigmented ink (pigment ink is IMPORTANT you don't want the ink rubbing off on your clothes...that would not be nice) deposit colour to all the layer of your flower.  This step is optional you can leave it white or you use a coloured satin.    

Step 5 - Sew all the layer of your flower together then add the pearls or beads. 

Step 6 - take a 10 inch piece of ribbon and add it to the back of your flower. 

Step 7 - Add an alligator clip or pin to the back of your flower 

And there you have it a beautiful Satin flower, the perfect accessory for any outfit!

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