Jul 25, 2011

Shopping Vintage

I have always been amazed by the the fashion trends of the past but as I have mentioned before I am not much of a shopper.  I don't know if it's a current 'fade' or if people have been doing this for years but I have recently come across a number of people who have modernized vintage finds.  I was inspired!  I started looking for some local vintage shops... to my surprise there was only 1 and another about 11/2 hours away. Off to shop I go.  

Sadly, my first trip was very unsuccessful.  I arrived at the store and it was closed, they have really weird business hours and I packed up and hit the road with the business hours in my bag!  I returned a few days later with my hubby.  He wasn't so thrilled but I think it was more because he didn't really know what to expect.  Once we were there my hubby was really interested in some of the items that there were.  He is a bit of a history buff so to see some old soldier uniforms and some cool jewelry pieces.  He was busy looking around and so was I.

I found so many cool things skirts, shoes, hats but sadly nothing fit.  Oh well it's a process I am sure things are added to the store regularly so I will wait a couple weeks and try again.

ps sorry about the picture quality I will have to give the hubby some tips not that I'm a pro or anything :-) 

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  1. There is a shop in downtown kitchener that is a little pricey depending on what you're looking at, but they are a refurbished store. Everything from jewelry to clothing, napkins, candles, furniture. They take old things that others are giving away or throwing away and restore the life into them! Some of their items are really wonderful. I think you'd like that store, I'd be happy to check it out with you! I feel like you would leave being incredibly inspired!


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