Jul 13, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday - Personal Style???

Today I am linking up with Lindsay over at The Pleated Poppy for "What I Wore Wednesday".  This is my first time joining in.

Top & Shorts - Smart Set 
Sandals - Guess 

Honestly, I am stepping out of my comfort zone here!  How can that be.... well I'm not like most "20 something" gals out there, ok lets be real, I should be saying I'm not like most women out there regardless of age.  What do I mean.... well I have a very limited wardrobe, I know, what's wrong with me?  My co-workers can tell you I have a limited number of items in my wardrobe.  I probably only have about 10 tops, only 5 pants and 3 pairs of short (which can only be worn 2 months of the year here in Canada).

I have always loved fashion, watching how people make the current trends their own and I enjoy seeing the trends change each season.  But when it comes to me in the mall I am LOST!  I would say that my style is 'classic' and when I adventure through the stores I see things that have caught my eye in magazines or on TV and I go try it on and I just don't feel it's right for me.  As I'm writing this I'm thinking to myself... I have to look good in some of the things I've try on, maybe it's in my head, maybe I'm not as comfortable with me as I thought?  Maybe I don't have the confidence to pull it off?  I have always said that I want to put more effort into my 'look' but I never seem to do anything about it.  I guess there is no better time then now!

My hubby has always laughed at me cause I shop once or twice a year.  Yup you read that right I only shop once or twice a year, once in the fall for winter clothes and once in the spring for my summer clothes.  When I do shop I purchase a few new things and then that's it for a few months.  I know most hubby's would be ok with that but my hubby knows my struggles and the desire I have to be adventurous with my wardrobe.  He's awesome, he's started to encourage me to shop more often, he said I should go to the mall more often and just pick up a shirt, or an accessory, or anything that catches my eye...I {heart} my hubby, he's awesome!!!!

I haven't been to the mall yet, I hope to develop my personal style in a responsible way, I don't want to break the bank!  My goal is to share my journey down this road to finding my personal style with you by linking up with The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday more often... I can't promise I'll be around every week cause as I said I don't want to break the bank :-)

pleated poppy


  1. Christina, i think you are lovely, and couragoues, stepping out of your comfort zone is a good thing. Once upon a time, i had an extensive wardobe. That had its time in my life, i have three girls now and so i just try and look simple but somewhat put together. Just throwing on a necklace or bracelt helps with that.
    These large statement peiices that are out now and pretty popular are great for helping you look pulled together. I hope you have fun on your journey to create a new fashion identiy. It is fun to shop and try things on. That is the key, just have fun and try everything on. Even things you would normally turn away from. Sometimes what you don't expect to work out, looks the best.
    Sorry this turned into a novel.... Have fun.

  2. Good job! That's a really cute top!

  3. I really like that top. I am proud of you for posting- I have been trolling WIWW for a few weeks now and am too chicken to post. Maybe a few more weeks I will :)


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