Aug 19, 2011

5 Years ago today

It was 5 years ago today I married the most wonderful man, 
a man I am now so proud to call my husband!  

I am so excited to go back in time and share our wedding day with you.  

I was surprisingly calm and wasn't nervous at all when I woke up the day of our wedding.  I was so blessed to be surrounded by three of my closest friends and my mom and dad.  After having some breakfast all my bridesmaids, my mom and myself went to the spa to get beautified!

Look at us, beautiful!  Let me introduce you to my ladies (from left to right) my loving mom, my maid of honor  Julie Ann, bridesmaid Kristina, me, and my other bridesmaid Michelle.  

I was still feeling quite calm.   Once the afternoon rolled around, we packed our cars and drove out to the wedding location.  We had the ceremony and reception all at the same location, it was a little place called the Strathmere, it was perfect!

I was very lucky to have a very close friend of the family create the floral arrangements and bouquets.  I provided her with my vision but I told her to be creative.  I didn't really know what the flowers were going to look like until shortly before the ceremony.  I loved what she came up with.  

What you wouldn't have known is there was a little issue with the flowers, when the flowers were delivered to the house early in the morning, while the ladies were at the spa, my dad was told to put them in the fridge he put them in the freezer, I guess he was nervous :-).  Oh well, it turned out ok the flowers looked a little burnt, you know rusted around the edges of the petals but hey, that's ok.  We plucked the really bad petals off and it was all good, they looked as though they were supposed to be that way, they were  beautiful!

After we were all ready it was photo time.  The boys had been with the photographer all morning as they got ready for the wedding and then the photographer can out to the wedding location to take pictures of the girls.  

Then we had to wait.... this is when I got a little nervous and it was hot in the room to boot!  So hot I needed to hike my dress up cause I was over heating under there!

4pm was go time, after waiting a bit it was time to start getting everyone from the Inn to the ceremony location.  My bridesmaid went, my mom went, the photographer went and then my dad and I started to get in the car that was driving us a short distance.  As I was getting in the car I felt a few rain drops .... which was a little concerning cause we were supposed to have a outdoor wedding.  By the time we drove down the hill it was POURING, like torrential down pour!  The wedding planner at the venue checked in with me as to what to do.  She wanted to know if we should move the ceremony inside.  I wanted to wait it out and see if it would blow over and clear.  One little issue with that, no one told the Groom that the plan was to wait it out lol! So he was sweating it out inside thinking I ran away but really I was just waiting to see if the rain would pass and it did, thank God!   

By this point I wasn't nervous any more I was ready to get the show on the road and marry the man of my dreams. 

I was so honored to walk down the isle with my dad. 

We had a beautiful ceremony, but I'm bias :-) 

Finally we were Man and Wife, Yippy!!

We didn't waste any time, we started to party right away! 

We had such a wonderful day, I think about it all the time.  I would love to relive that day over and over again if I could . 

We celebrated our 5th Wedding Anniversary this past week and it was so wonderful.  Check back next week and I will share how I surprised by hubby with a wonderful getaway to celebrate. 

Thanks for reliving the most wonderful day of my life with me.    


  1. Happy Anniversary! What a lovely bride you made - and that photo of you cooling off is my favorite.

  2. Mom & Dad PiccianoAugust 19, 2011 at 6:37 PM

    It was a beautiful day, we enjoyed ourselves too. It makes us proud and very happy to see how happy you were that day and how happy you continue to be 5 years later. What I truly love is the respect you have for each other. We love you both.


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