Sep 12, 2011

Cottage Bliss

Every year since hubby and I have been married, we head to a cottage for one week in the fall.  You may wonder why we go in the fall rather then summer but it really quite simple.  At my work we get vacation time based on seniority during peak periods and July and August falls in that category.  Ryan works in the restaurant industry and summer is one of the busiest times of the year.  So fall works for us and we actually love it, the lakes are quiet and calm and the highways don't have as much traffic getting up to cottage country.

We use to stay at Ryan's family cottage which was on an island only accessible by boat.  It was beautiful but there was no hydro.  It was free which was awesome but once we had the new addition to our family (Hiccups our fur baby) we weren't able to use the family cottage any more because Ryan's mom is allergic to dogs.

The hunt began for a cottage in Muskoka that was dog friendly.  There were many option, I narrowed it down based on price, location and set of chair I saw in the picture...yes I picked the cottage because they had my favorite chairs from Ikea :-)  

I figured it was one week, if we really didn't like it we could look for another cottage for the following year.  We tried this cottage on Lake of Bays, last year was our first year here and we are back again this year so it was everything and more then I expected.  I think this cottage is going to become "our fall cottage designation" from now on. 

This cottage has a number of amenities that are not needed but are super awesome to have.  We have hydro, running filtered water, a dish washer, canoe's and kayaks, life jackets, wood fireplace, lake front. Oh did I mention there's wireless high speed internet and satellite TV.  I know it doesn't sound like a cottage it has everything you'd need in a home.

We love this cottage!!!!  

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