Sep 13, 2011

Swim Puppy Swim

I love this cottage, we're having such a great time.  It has been so relaxing and the weather has been pretty nice.  One thing we love to do at the cottage is hang out in the water, go for canoe rides and just enjoy nature.  

Last year when we were at the cottage we didn't get much of an opportunity to be outside.  It was so cold and rainy we spent most of our time hanging out with a warm cup of coco, a blanket, and a book in front of a beautiful wood burning fire place.

We did get a couple of good days.  One afternoon just before we were about to leave we were able to give puppy an opportunity to get in the water, it was still too cold for us, so we just put our feet in.  

Doesn't she look like a wet rat? She was only 5 month's old in this picture she looks so small and she was a SHAGGY puppy!  

We were hoping and praying for good weather this year and so far so good!  It's fall we aren't expecting summer weather but at least we have been able to enjoy the outdoors a lot more!

This year we wanted to see how Hiccups would do in the water, we wanted to see if she would swim! Look at her she's checking it out.

Look at her go, she's swimming, my fur baby is swimming!!!

After she had been swimming for a while she was getting a little tired so we put her life jacket on cause we weren't sure if she was going to jump off the dock... she didn't but we have to practice water safety, right?  

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