Oct 25, 2011

My Blog Dreams

I've been writing this blog for almost a year, and I am just starting to get my footing.  I'm not a pro and I don't have all the experience in the world to talk about, but I have my experience and that's what I am going to share today.  
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"Finding yourself" in life is difficult , what's your personal style, what's your personality, how will people remember you, what do you believe, what is your purpose in life..... all those things take time to discover and I'm not sure if we ever reach our "destination" in that discovering of who we really are.  I think the path to discovering who we are as individuals is a continuous process life shapes day by day and who we are changes based on what we experience in life up until the moment we leave this earth.  

"Finding yourself" in the blog world is a whole different ball game.  As bloggers we have control over what we publish, we control what parts of our lives we make public and which parts we keep private.  We have the opportunity to think about what we are writing about, how we write and who it will impact.  Let me tell you, even though we have control over our own little corner of the internet it's a difficult road to discover our blogging identity.

This blog world can be a scary place, when we decide to put our thoughts out there, we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and exposed.  Don't get me wrong there are a lot of great people in the blog world but sadly there are 'negative nillies' out there and sometimes they are toxic. 

Since I started writing this blog I have been struggling with what I want this blog to be, how to find a balance, I have been trying to find myself as a blogger.  I think this blog thing is always changing but for now I feel comfortable with where I'm at and what I'm moving toward.  Let me tell you what my plans are...

I want this blog to be a creative outlet for both myself and other amazing creative soles to share and encourage each other in our creative ventures

I hope to share my thoughts and world views

I'd like this blog to be a place where I share my faith and spiritual journey

Last but not least I want this to be a positive, safe place for people who like to come and have fun and be inspired

These are by dreams, I hope you'll join me.  



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  1. I love what you want your blog to be! It's great!! I'm happy to be a new follower.. found you through the linkup at Callmeblessed

    Pieces of Luv

  2. Hi Christina,

    I'm visiting and now following you from Jami's link up. I felt compelled to comment on this post because I think it is so beautifully written and I, for one, have had similar feelings when I think back to the early days when I first started blogging.

    I love the plans you have for your blog...just so you know, they are exactly what I look for in a new blog-read!


  3. Love it! New follower from followers fest :)

  4. Hi! i found you via the followers fest and i like where your blog is headed. i started years ago blogging and i have changed drastically from the first post. i think that is normal though. you change--> your blog changes. embrace it!

    growing up is tough and being able to share that with like minded people is brilliant.

    stop by cheeriosandbeer and see forself how crazy i am. no direction in my bloggy. it makes it more fun!

    but i love your ideas! can't wait to see what else is coming!

  5. Just saying Hi from Style Outside the Box! We would love to do a link swap with you! :) New Follower from Oct Fest! :) Come say HI at http://www.styleoutsidethebox.blogspot.com/ Don't Forget to Enter Our Blog Fest Contest!


  6. love what you have to say:) I'm following you from the followers fest, pop by my blog if you have a chance...I'm a new blogger and thought I'd have so much to say about school (work) but I find I'm more interested in crafts and recipes...the school stuff if falling by the wayside!


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