Oct 24, 2011

A Weekend Outting at Yee Haw Adventure Farm!!

Oh my goodness, it's almost the end of October!  
Can you believe that next Monday is Halloween?  Where has the time gone?  

Normally by this time of year hubby and I have had the decorations out for at least few weeks already, but for some reason this year time has passed us by.  I'm going to say it's because the weather has been quite a bit warmer than usual and it just doesn't feel like fall, even though the leaves are changing and the bird are flying south.  I'm not complaining... I will enjoy the warmer weather cause once it leaves that means the snow is coming.    

This weekend hubby and I went out to the local pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkins and a few other fall items.  We always go to a local farm called Yee Haw Adventure Farm. They always pull out all the stops, it's such a fun place for us young at heart, I guess it's fun for the kiddo's too.  This is a picture above is of one of the employees at Yee Haw Adventure Farm, everyone that works there seems so happy to be there, they seem to have such a blast with the people that join them from the community. 

We couldn't go to the Farm and miss the pig races.  Go piggy Go!  We were cheering for red pig (they had the piggy's butts painted so you knew which one to cheer for, hee hee).  It was so funny to see these little piggies go, they are fast little guys and gals.    

After enjoying the races we picked out a couple bushels of hey (boy did they make a mess in our car) and a bunch of pumpkins.  We placed them on the front porch and added a little scarecrow we had from previous years and Ta Da that is our fall decor for the year. 

We plan to carve the pumpkin later this week so it's ready for next Halloween night when all the kiddo's come-a-knocking for candy... hopefully I don't eat it all before they get here :-) 

Hubby and I normally make a few special baggies full of treats for our neighbors kids.  Obviously we give candy to all the kids that come to the door but our neighbors get a special treat.

I also decorated this little bucket with the Pumpkin Build-a-Bear and filled it with chocolate treats.  We plan to bring it as a hostess gift for one of our friends who is hosting a Halloween Party next weekend.

Do you have any Fall or Halloween traditions?  
I'd love to hear about them, leave me a comment and if you have a blog where you shared your traditions leave the link to your blog in the comments too and I'd love to check it out. 

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