Oct 3, 2011

Weekends Together...WHAT?!?!?!

Hi Friends!  Well the weekend has passed us by and the week has begun.  

This weekend was kinda special for our family. Ryan works in the food and beverage industry and weekends are one of the busiest times for business, which means Ryan works!  We have managed to cope with the arrangements but I can probably count on my hands the number of weekends he has had off...oh and the weekends that he's been off work have been "time off requests" for vacation or weddings.  We always dreamed about the possibility of having weekends off together but we knew it was unrealistic especially as Ryan climbed the ladder to management.  

A couple of weekend ago we went on our annual fall cottage get away and when Ryan returned to work after our vacation he was pulled aside by his boss, the owner of the restaurant.  Ryan was a little concerned at first when his boss started to the conversation by saying something like "Ryan we need to talk about your employment here at the restaurant..."  but when he continued by saying "you have been a loyal, hard working employee with my business for 5 years I thought you deserved a reward.  I know you have always wanted to work Monday - Friday and I always told you that's not possible in a breakfast restaurant where we do over 60% of our business on the weekend but I want to make it possible for you.  So from this point forward you work Monday to Friday."  Ryan was shocked he didn't really believe it would happen but it has.  This past weekend was the first of many weekends to come that we get to spend together as a family!!!!  

We had so many plans for the weekend but they all kinda got side railed because we had a sick puppy (big frown).  She wasn't feeling well on Friday night when I got home from work and she just got worse and worse... she had us up all night worrying about her she still wasn't better Saturday morning and actually got worse so we brought her to the vet.  She is still not back to her normal full of life bubbly self but we think she is on the mend.  So that being said we put all our plans on hold and just spent the weekend caring for our puppy, snuggling, and I worried.  

This can't be the way we spend all our weekends together but it was AWESOME to have two days off together regardless of what it was we were doing.  We look forward to the many weekends ahead full of exciting adventures and quality time together!

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  1. Yeay for having some awesome time together..boo for your poor little puppy! Sorry about that! Hope she is feeling better today


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