Oct 12, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Hi Friends thanks for stopping by for another week of What I Wore Wednesday with The Pleated Poppy! Today I wanted to share a fun fall outfit.

Jeans: Le Chateau, Cardigan: Target, T-Shirt: Smart Set, Scarf: RW&Co, Boots: Town Shoes

Often when I wake up in the morning I find myself staring blankly into my closet thinking "what the heck am I going to wear?"  I feel overwhelmed and lost!  I have never thought of myself as "fashion forward" or even fashionable at all.  I have always struggled with self image and I found myself using my clothes to hide, to cover my "flaws".  So that kinda left me wearing baggy non-faltering clothing. 

I also went through a phase when I wore really tight clothes and shirts that didn't even cover by tummy.  I was again looking to build my self-esteem.  I quickly learnt that was the WRONG way to get attention.  I am sure you can imagine the attention I was getting was inappropriate, unhealthy, and the attention was for all the wrong reasons. 

I like to think that I'm a bit wiser when it comes to picking out my outfits but I still really struggle.  Here's an example... if I buy a new piece of clothing for my wardrobe I often don't buy it unless I know how I'll wear it and with what.  I go home with that plan in my head and then wear it over and over and over and over and over....You get the point right?!?!  

I struggle with putting together outfits and once I put together a good outfit I wear it that way ALL THE TIME cause I can't seem to see the versatility in the items I have.

This week I really tried hard to go outside my "comfort"zone.  I decided to pull out the skinny jeans even though they show off my lovely lady lumps and wear them with pride!  I pulled out a long cardigan cause I love the look of a long sweater over skinny jeans.  I wouldn't normally wear this outfit cause it's one of those outfits that "looks good on other people but not great on me".

This is Hubby:
I think my wife is wonderful and she is the sexiest thing in the world.  I try to help her and support her with her self image and I will continue to do so.  To me she the best!!!

Love ya hunny

pleated poppy


  1. Oh my goodness you look beautiful! The colors really work with your dark hair and eyes and your skinnies are perfection with those boots. Comfort-zone be darned, you look fab. Sometimes that's all it takes - to try something we wouldn't normally wear.

  2. Are you kidding? This outfit looks excellent on you! You look like you should be pinned on Pinterest!

  3. You look fantastic!!!


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