Oct 26, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Thanks for joining me for another week of What I Wore Wednesday when I link up with Lindsay over at The Pleated Poppy.  
A few weeks ago I mentioned that hubby and I had the privilege of going out to a cottage for a week.  While we were there we had the talented Samantha from Samantha Erin Photography come up and take some 'family photos', you can read more about that here
We were able to see a few pictures from our session because Samantha posted a preview on her blog which was awesome.  The pictures in the preview were so amazing I was anxiously waiting to see the rest of the pictures from the session which Samantha was sending us on a CD.  
I've been running to my mailbox everyday after work hoping and praying that the CD would be there but all I've found were bills, yuck! Yesterday I went to the mailbox with little faith I'd find the CD there, I'd been waiting so long (well at least it felt that way) and I had been disappointed every day prior.  So I went to the mailbox with low expectation but when I opened the door I was overwhelmed with excitement, the CD was there.  

I ran home, barely got my coat off and started to go through the pictures.  I was so excited, I kinda felt like a kid on Christmas morning!  I went through the pictures again and again and again, Samantha did a great job.  Thanks Samantha. 
For some reason hubby and I aren't really 'photo people'.  You know those people who always have their camera handy at all the perfect moments and just snap pictures here, there and everywhere?  
Well that's not us!  
With this blog I've really had to make an effort to take pictures and remember to bring my camera on our little outings.  Sometimes it's challenging but I'm enjoying the challenge.  To be honest the last time hubby and I had nice pictures together was when we got married and we got a couple nice pictures on our honeymoon too.  We have very few pictures up around the house of ourselves and I'll speak for myself, but I don't always feel comfortable seeing myself in pictures. I'm not really sure what it is but I can't seem to put my finger on it. It's a constant struggle but I'm working on it.  
 Thanks for joining me today and listening to my ramblings.  
Oh did I mention I love my hubby?  Well ... I am so in love with this guy it's crazy!

What We Wore
Christina - Jeans, Cardigan, Blouse: RW&Co., Belt: Arizia, Shoes: Target, Earing: Silpada
Hubby - Jeans: Caesars Closest 'Buffalo', Shirt: The Patch 'Tommy Hilfiger', Shoes: Moores


  1. These pictures are beautiful! What a great setting!

  2. You have a really beautiful family! Your furbaby is very squeezable. :)

  3. Those photos are stunning! She really did an amazing job.

    Ps. This seems like my kind of blog. I'm a new follower :)


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