Dec 7, 2011

How to Make Glittery Ornaments!

Today I wanted to share a quick 'How To' to add some glitter to your Christmas tree!  
I made these fun ornaments and so can you,  It's really easy!!!! 

Here are supplies you need 

Clear class or plastic ornaments, Glitter-It Glue, Glitter, vinyl (optional)

 Start by removing the stop hanger portion of the ornament.  
Set aside the hanger aside for safe keeping.
 Start to pour a good puddle of glue into the ornament. 
 Spin the ornament so the glue covers all the inner surfaces of the ornament....don't forget the opening of the ornament.   
Once you've covered the inside of the ornament with glue pour the extra glue into a cup or back into the container...a little glue goes a LONG way.  Make sure all the extra glue is drained from the ornament, if you have a puddle of glue in your ornament it will turn out lumpy and no one wants a lumpy Christmas ornament.
 GLITTER GLITTER GLITTER who doesn't love some Glitter?  I chose silver and red cause that is the color theme we have this Christmas in our house, you can choose whatever color glitter you'd like. 
Take the glitter of your choice and start to pour a fair amount into the ornament. 

  When you have a nice puddle of glitter in your ornament start to spin again this will ensure that the glitter sticks to the glue. 
  Keep spinning until you are happy with the coverage. 
Once the glitter is covering the inside of the ornament make sure you empty out any extra glitter you can use it for your next ornament.  
 Set it aside and let it dry for a few minutes. 
 There you have it, glittery ornaments for your Christmas tree. 
are they beautiful?
 You can leave the ornaments just like this or you can keep going....

The next step is to cut vinyl, using vinyl is a great way to personalize your ornament or just and a fun design. 
 I really love this silhouette of a family decorating the Christmas tree from a stamp set.  I found the image on line and imported it to my Silhouette software used the outline tool and sent it through the cutting machine.
I added the vinyl backing, this really helps make sure that the vinyl doesn't fold in on itself and it just makes the process of applying the vinyl SO much easier. 
 Once the vinyl is on your transfer sheet you simply set it in place and adhere the image on your ornament.  This part takes some time and patience especially because we are working with a round object.  Work slowly and try your best to work out all the bubbles.  
 Once you are happy with the placement slowly peel away the transfer sheet.
 If parts of the image didn't adhere fully that's ok, just be careful and go back and make sure all the pieces are secure and appropriately adhered to the ornament. 
 There you have it a glittery ornament with a cute silhouette or personalized message. 

 I love how these ornaments turned out they really stand out on our tree.  I think I may make a bunch more and use them when I wrap some of my gifts.  

I hope you enjoyed this quick 'How To'.  If you try this I'd love if you come back to share what you come up with.  I always love seeing your creative projects.   


  1. I love how these turned out!! Especially with the vinyl :)

  2. I can't find the glitter-glue. Wish I could but none at Hobby Lobby, Michaels or Joann's.


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