Dec 14, 2011

Personalized Glitter Ornaments

Last week I shared these glitter ornaments, one of the ladies in my office saw my blog post and asked if I would be able to make a personalized ornament for her niece.  I was so honored that she asked me, she thought my ornaments were cute and glitter and she was willing to pay for a handmade gift sight unseen.  My co-worker then came back to me a few minutes later and asked if I could make an ornament for her son, which I agreed to do.  Later in the day still sight unseen that co-worker spoke with another lady in the office who requested that I make one for her daughter, and that person told yet another person who requested 2 ornaments one for her son and one for her family.  I couldn't believe it in less then 2 hours I had 5 personalized ornaments to make.  I was shocked and honored that my co-workers would ask ME to create these little pieces of art for them. 
So this past weekend I got to work making the ornaments.  I had so much fun!  It felt so good to make these ornaments for people I know and for people who were so excited to see their personalized ornaments.  To be honest it sparked a fire in me to think more seriously about opening an online store maybe I should be making that a goal for 2012.  

I was able to finish the ornaments and I brought them to my co-workers yesterday.  I was so shocked by their reaction to their ornaments.  They were so happy and showered my with so many kind complements, again I was so honored and shocked by their response.  I couldn't believe it in my mind I thought I was just making a couple ornaments for a few co-workers but when they saw it I realized it meant so much more to them.  

Once I brought in the ornaments for these co-worker I had another co-worker approach me to make another three ornaments for her children.  Thankfully I had three ornament balls left so I am able to make three more ornaments and then I am going to have to "close shop" until next year.  

Ok let's get real.... I liked the glitter ornaments but honestly they are glittery ornaments, well at least that's what I thought. I never realized my art (if you can call it that) would make people so happy.  

After seeing how much my co-worker appreciated these ornaments I have a lot of ideas running through my mind for next year I just have to remember I can not over commit :-)  


  1. What a great story!! And what a wonderful feeling to know that your work is so valued :)

  2. I love these!! Great job Christina!!
    I think I may need to get one next year for our little one :)

  3. Wow good for you! I see why your co-workers love them so much. They look great and I wouldn't mind having one myself for my daughter haha. Very pretty. I think you would do great opening a shop. You could even start early and make generic ones with Christmas-y pictures like that one you made in your other post about making ornaments.

  4. you should definitely open your own online store - do it! I always like to support people doing creative things, and I especially support people with the same name as mine =)

  5. Very cute. Did you do the names with a cricut machine and vinyl?

  6. what size did you cut the lettering? Im going to make some for gifts for next year.

  7. Those are adorable! I love crafting and ornaments make such nice keepsakes and memory holders!

    Dan Ornaments


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